Brian Austin Green Has Revealed That He Has Dedicated 4 Years To Recuperating From Stroke-Like Symptoms
(Brian Austin Green Has Revealed That He Has Dedicated 4 Years To Recuperating From Stroke-Like Symptoms /Image Credits: Good Morning America)

In the most recent episode of Cheryl Burke's podcast, Sex, Likes and Spray Tans, Brian Austin Green, aged 50, discussed his experiences with health challenges. During the episode named Prepared to Rumba with Brian Austin Green, the previous Beverly Slopes, 90210 entertainer talked about gathering his life partner, Sharna Burgess, during a period when the two of them were effectively dealing with personal development.

Green mentioned that Burgess had dedicated significant effort to personal growth, having been single for nearly five years. He likewise uncovered that he had been single for a considerable length of time and had effectively participated in treatment. Green then, at that point, continued to examine his well-being battles, expressing that he had burned through four and a half years recuperating from stroke-like side effects, despite never having encountered a genuine stroke.

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Diagnosis of his condition

These symptoms had rendered him unable to speak. When queried about his precise medical condition, Green disclosed that medical professionals had apprised him of his afflictions of vertigo and ulcerative colitis, which had rendered him immobile for three months. He elaborated that none of the experts he had sought counsel from were able to ascertain the root cause of his maladies. 

Afterwards, Mr. Green encountered neurological symptoms after his episode of vertigo, which endured for four and a half years. I reached a point where I moved with the gait of a nonagenarian, the Anger Management actor recounted. He further elaborated on his past health complications, stating that he was unable to communicate, read, or write. 

The symptoms exhibited a correlation

The symptoms exhibited a correlation
( The symptoms exhibited a correlation /Image Credits: Page Six)

Burke inquired whether Green's symptoms were related to an accident he and his ex-wife Megan Fox were involved in, alluding to a collision in December 2014 where their vehicle was struck by a drunk driver. Green refuted this notion, attributing his condition to dietary factors. 

Burke acknowledged that the media had misconstrued the situation. Green acknowledged that his situation may be perplexing. Green went on to explain that Western medicine was unable to diagnose his condition, and he had to seek out a physician who specialized in kinesiology and Eastern medicine. 

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Stress was additionally a contributing factor

Upon consulting with this new physician, Green was informed that he had internal inflammation caused by gluten and dairy. Stress was also a contributing factor to his illness. Despite being active his entire life and having a top neurologist at Cedars-Sinai who consulted with his colleagues, nearly 200 blood tests and two MRIs failed to identify the root cause of his health issues. 

Additionally, he expressed that encountering difficulties arose when attempting to read Dr. Seuss's literature to his offspring. Mr. Green is the proud parent of a quintet of children, including his eldest son, Kassius Lijah, who has reached the age of 21, born from his previous romantic involvement with Vanessa Marcil. 

They are cared for and supported

They are cared for and supported
(They are cared for and supported /Image Credits: People )

He also has three sons named Noah Shannon, Bodhi Ransom, and Journey River, who are 11, 9, and 7 years old respectively, with his current partner, Fox. After the birth of Zane Walker, Green informed that his older sons were enthusiastic about their newest sibling. 

He stated, They inquire about Sharna's well-being every day and they gently touch her belly and communicate with the baby. They are eagerly counting down the days! The baby will undoubtedly be welcomed into a loving and nurturing household and family. It is an exciting time for all. 

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