Holly Madison's Top 10 Fashion Tips For Spring 2024
(Holly Madison's Top 10 Fashion Tips For Spring 2024 / Image Credits: Facts.net)

Holly Madison has definitely set her mark in Hollywood as a fashion icon.

Interestingly, fashion is a medium that completely open to interpretation. Two people can see the same outfit...yet have totally opposing views. One might think a look is chic and sophisticated while the other may see something weird and scattered, However, even critics find it hard to spot wrong fashion trends from our dearest Hollywood beauty.

Madison is popular for her appearance in big hit shows like ‘The Girls Next Door' and in the spin-off, 'Holly's World,' both on E! Entertainment Television. She has also starred in 'Peepshow' at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas; taken a turn on ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars'; and has two lovely. As her career has developed, Madison have dropped some career tips over the years that you could put to good use in this coming spring. Here are ten of them!

1.  Be yourself

The interpretation of fashion differs. According to the star, the moment you try to continuously please people, you lose your sense of style. So wear that cloth you’ve left on your wardrobe because you never know, it could just be a big hit amongst your peers.

2.  Be daring

Over the years, Madison have always set the trend for herself and have come out with some outfits that many women would only dream of wearing. She doesn't wait for societal approval but tries to put her best foot out.

3. Love your body

Love your body
(Love your body/ Image Credits: Daily Mail )

If you're a fan of Madison from the get go then you know she has always preached about self love. Even when the actress was pregnant she was seen flaunting her baby bump in body hug dresses showing off her beautiful shape.

4. A little weight is still beautiful

Speaking on beauty standards, Madison have always mentioned that having a little skin on you does not make you fat or ugly. So when coming out this coming spring, choose clothes that flatter your curves as they make you look beautiful.

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5. Be confident

The secret to looking fashionable is being confident. According to the Hollywood actress, beauty standards will continuously change, but your confidence shouldn’t. Always give yourself the big girl talk then wear your pretty clothes with confidence!

6. Have a colourful personality

Holly Madison is known for her colorful personality both on and off screen. She carries an air of happiness around her thus giving her a very alluring look regardless of what she’s wearing. So this spring try to be more happy fashion takes a whole personality to work.

7. Pick body flattering clothes

Madison is known for her bombshell looks, so her style choices emphasize her fabulous figure. 'Holly Madison has the neat hourglass body shape,' says Nuvia Magdahi, a stylist for Phoenix Fashion Week. 'She tends to follow her body line, choosing clothes that enhance her bust and highlight her hips and bottom.' So pick clothes that show off your beautiful shape this spring!

8. Fashionably Retro

Fashionably Retro
(Fashionably Retro / Image Credits: Depositphotos, Daily Mail, Pinterest)

Madison's style has always had a fair share of vintage charm. 'She definitely gravitates toward knee-length A-line or princess cut dresses,' Magdahi says. The actress makes vintage look chic. You can also try out some beautiful vintage dresses this spring.

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9. Embrace Color

Unlike other celebrities that go for plain colors, like her daughter';s name, Madison appears to have never met a color of the rainbow she doesn't like. She embraces color and you should too. Color adds an air of confidence to your look.

10. Be comfortable

Lastly, always opt for clothes that makes you comfortable in your skin. Also, not all days are for glitz and glamour. Sometimes you could pick Maddison’s casual looks of a Las Vegas t-shirt, hoody, and baggy trousers to head out for lunch especially on a rainy spring day.