Multiple Professions support the Masses

The Celebrities Showing Their Worth By Displaying Jewels
(Multiple Professions support the Masses /Image Credits: Glamour UK)

The world has billions of people pursuing their careers and making money for their luxurious living in different professions. The top professions inclining the graph of finances are medical, space, engineering, technology and media. And if we dig deep down in the media we find so many avenues to explore in this field likewise the other mediums.

Media’s Diversification

Media itself is diversified into too many platforms, print media and electronic media are the major ones. Yet in your electronic media you encounter television and big screen playing vital roles in their capacity. Though every medium has grown to remarkable stature but Film Industry has done all the wonders to generate revenues to the country. 

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 Film Industry and its Impact

This industry and its role has a very strong impact on the values, society and the acceptances and most importantly on the finances of any nation. The industry has triggered to its highest in recent years bringing stability to itself and creating billionaires inside the fraternity. Nothing in this whole wide world is paying back to your hard work and commitment as this platform is offering.

The Stars showing their worth

The shining stars performing their best have not only gained fame but strengthened their financial muscle too. The aura of their personality shines in the horizons and the expensive jewels sparkle on their mesmerizing personalities making it a treat to watch. We have a long list of celebrities showing off with their unique yet breathtaking jewels at different occasions.

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Multiple masterpieces to be witnessed

The Celebrities Showing Their Worth By Displaying Jewels
(Multiple masterpieces to be witnessed /Image Credits: Teen Vogue)

Gigi Hadid stands only in tenth position for offering the audience the site of a very precious jewel piece Jacob & Co. worth US$ 12 million. Beyoncé presents herself as a jewel lover who has this affordability to spend US$ 13.1million for Lorraine Schwartz jewels. Charlize Therone added to the list of females who are not only in the search of worthy pieces but are backed up with their price to be paid: Harry Winston necklace and earnings carried by her for US$ 15.8 million. Another jewel the audience noticed worn by Madonna was a pick up by Harry Winston costing her US$ 20 million.

The Love for Jewels and Celebs with Heavy pockets is yet to be revealed

The journey towards the expression of urge and feeling of satisfaction by the female actresses takes a flight towards tremendous buying of jewels with huge amounts earned from this industry. Gloria Stuart showcased the mesmerizing jewel picked up from the Platform of Harry Winston worth US$ 20 million The Heart of Ocean. The most talked about and praised. Beyoncé took the masses by surprise when encountered a jewel piece worth US$ 30 million by Tiffany and Co. called the World’s Fair Necklace. Lady Gaga stood parallel to Beyoncé at this occasion and a beautiful glittering necklace again by Tiffany and Co. adds to her persona.

Guess who hits the deck?

Though these are the top actresses demanding the top payoffs against their performances in the top films of the industry. There still stands an expense made to show the world the charm and charisma of jewels by these celebs. Carry Underwood can be witnessed on the top wearing a masterpiece by Jonathan Arndt. This necklace was purchased for US$ 31 million, the most expensive jewelry displayed till date.

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