singer had previously referenced her in his latest album's song 'Monaco.' Sofia quickly became aware of the mention and shared her enthusiastic response to the track, causing fans to go wild over their interaction. 

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Sofia Utilized Her Instagram Profile

Sofia utilized her Instagram profile
(Sofia utilized her Instagram profile/ImageCredits: Us Weekly)

Amidst his musical composition, the vocalist conveys his profound admiration for the esteemed actress, Sofia Vergara, affirming her unparalleled beauty, a splendor that transcends mere imagery. 

In a swift riposte, Sofia graced her Instagram platform with a snippet from the music visual, penning a caption that resonated, "Thy allure surpasses, adorned with your essence," all the while, adeptly tagging the crooner, and accentuating her sentiment with an array of affectionate kiss emoticons. 

Fans of the two stars wasted no time in expressing their thoughts on the playful message, with some even offering their opinions on his connection with Kendall Jenner. One person urgently demanded the immediate removal of him from Kendall.

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The Music Industry's Dominance

The music industry's dominance
(Sofia utilized her Instagram profile/ImageCredits: Us Weekly)

Another individual interjected, remarking, "Oh Kendall... you are about to encounter a series of difficulties!" and further exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, be aware of the gossip!". 

In his song 'Los Pits', the singer reinterprets the quote to say "Now men cry, yes, but they keep making money non-stop," highlighting his success and dominance in the music industry. In his song 'Thunder Y Lighting' featuring Eladio Carrion, Bad Bunny referred to J Balvin. 

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The Dominance Of The Music Industry

The dominance of the music industry
(The dominance of the music industry/ImageCredits: Uproxx)

The singer stated, "You've seen me, I always walk with the same people / While you are friends of the whole world like Balvin." In response, Balvin expressed his admiration for Bad Bunny, stating that he is an excellent artist. 

Balvin also spoke highly of their friendship, mentioning that they have supported each other and made history together in the music industry. Despite any misunderstandings, Balvin emphasized that the Bad Bunny he knows is a good person.