Chicago Fire, Law & Order: Dick Wolf’s Shows Spring Back To Life With Writer’s Return
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The fans of Dick Wolf’s franchises are bringing closer to the new episodes. All thanks to the strike of writers that comes to an end. Writers and showrunners are returning this weekend to many of the television shows, including Chicago’s franchise of Med, Fire and P.D., Law & Order: SVU, which airs on NBC. 

International and ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ that streamline CBS, will also carry out their writing teams on returning. Though, one of the Wolf’s creations, Organized Crime, the Law & Order spinoff will not be the first to return on NBC like the series that searches for a new showrunner to fill up the role.

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The Strike Of ‘Writers Guild of America (WGA)’ Started On May 2

The Strike Of ‘Writers Guild of America (WGA)’ Started On May 2
(The Strike Of ‘Writers Guild of America (WGA)’ Started On May 2. /ImageCredits: Deadline)

As per the sources, it has been revealed that the ‘Writers Guild of America (WGA)’ strike started on May 2 and lasted longer over 140 days, the union shows entertainment writers that work across television, news, film and online media, picking all around the nation in demand for better pay and stipulations on other key highlights, including duration of employment and staffing commitments.

On the morning of Sep, 27, the labour union voted for an end to the writer’s strike, becoming effective from 12:01 a.m. P.T. The new contract was stuck through the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers’ that shows Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Apple and Warner Bros. 

Sony, Paramount, NBC Universal and Discovery after the two groups met face-to-face during the last week. Throughout the work stoppage, which also overlapped with the recent SAG-AFTRA strike, there are most of Hollywood was shut down through the late-night shows that immediately went off the air when the WGA Strike started. 

Several television productions and other movies may come to a halt without any material to shoot. Celebs across the Hollywood industry have been connecting on the WGA strike, including the Law & Order: SVU actor, Mariska Hargitay, who displayed her assistance for the writers in June when she picked outside the office of Paramount Global’s New York City.

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Hargitay Conveyed, ‘She Couldn’t Be The Captain For 25 Years Without The Writers’.

Hargitay Conveyed, ‘She Couldn’t Be The Captain For 25 Years Without The Writers’.
(Hargitay Conveyed, ‘She Couldn’t Be The Captain For 25 Years Without The Writers’. /ImageCredits: The List)

Mariska Hargitay mentioned, ‘I am so pleased to stand here in unity with the writers wearing my WGA Captain cap’. Hargitay who performed a ‘Captain Olivia Benson’ role on the series, continued that she has been your captain on SUV for 25 years and she couldn’t have made it happen without the writers. She said that every word from my mouth remains for 25 years. Hence, I stand here and convey that let us get this done. 

Ice-T who’s known for his depiction of Fin Tutuola in the series also shared his assistance through social media in July. He shared on ‘X’, previously called Twitter, ‘Shout out at all the SUV fans. We would be back in filming and the production of the new season. Regrettably, we are on hold because of Writer’s strike. Hopefully, we will return sooner or later. I will post you on this matter. 

Before the strike, NBC had renewed the six episodes of Wolf’s series. Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order, Chicago Med, Law & Order: Organized Crime, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire were the programs that were set for another season, according to the sources in an April announcement. 

Law & Order, Chicago Med, Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire, Law & Order: Organized Crime and Chicago P.D. can all be aired on Peacock. Get more info at and subscribe to us for the latest celeb gossip. 

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