Shakira Has Been Indicted With Allegations Of Tax Fraud In Spain For The Second Time
(Shakira Has Been Indicted With Allegations Of Tax Fraud In Spain For The Second Time /Image Credits: Công Luận)

Shakira, aged 46, acquired huge media consideration in July when the Spanish specialists started an examination concerning the artist for a charge of extortion. As of September 26, it has been formally affirmed that charges have been recorded against her, as per reports.

The accusations levelled against Shakira

The recent recipient of the VMA award has been accused of allegedly evading the payment of 6.7 million euros ($7.1 million) in taxable income from the year 2018. Furthermore, Spanish prosecutors have levelled allegations against Shakira, claiming that she utilized an offshore company as a means to circumvent tax obligations. It has been reported that the 46-year-old has been informed of these charges while residing in Miami, where she recently relocated following her separation from Gerard Piqué, aged 36. No specific date for the commencement of the official trial regarding the latest charges against Shakira has been established. 

The investigation was considered

Shakira Has Been Indicted With Allegations Of Tax Fraud In Spain For The Second Time
(The investigation was considered /Image Credits: ThePrint)

Be that as it may, she is planning to confront preliminary in Barcelona on November 20 for discrete duty extortion charges brought against her. In 2022, Spanish examiners blamed the mother-for-two for supposedly neglecting to pay 14.5 million euros ($15 million) in charges during her residency in the country from 2012 to 2014.During the 2022 examination, Shakira's delegate informed Reuters that she had total trust in her guiltlessness and viewed the examination as a glaring infringement of her privileges. 

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The trial constituted a customary procedure

Furthermore, her public relations firm informed NBC News in July of the same year that Shakira had always acted according to the law and the advice of her financial advisors. At the hour of this distribution, the blond individual had not unveiled the latest charges.In September 2022, a representative for Shakira stated that the trial was a standard procedure. In a written communication, it was stated, The judge's directive to initiate the trial represents yet another progression within the customary protocol. 

Not encountered any tax-related concerns

Shakira Has Been Indicted With Allegations Of Tax Fraud In Spain For The Second Time
(Not encountered any tax-related concerns /Image Credits: Rolling Stone)

The situation remains unchanged, and everything is proceeding as usual. The statement continued, Shakira's legal defence will perform its duty by presenting its counterargument at the appropriate time, which is known as the statement of defence.Shakira reiterated her innocence in a statement issued in November 2022. According to a statement released last year, it was stated that Shakira, being a taxpayer, has consistently demonstrated impeccable tax conduct and has never encountered any tax issues in any other jurisdiction.

The individual encountered unyielding oppression

The aforementioned statement additionally emphasized the dearth of substantial evidence available to substantiate the allegations levied against her. Notwithstanding this fact, she has been subjected to unrelenting persecution within both the realms of criminal justice and media, employing objectionable tactics aimed at besmirching her character and pressuring her into acquiescing to a settlement agreement.Notwithstanding the recent charges brought against her, Shakira took to Instagram on September 26 to celebrate her latest song El Jefe, a collaboration with Fuerza Regida. The release of the new track occurred on September 20, shortly after her victory at the VMA awards on September 12.

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