Name Recognition and Celebrity Status
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Name Recognition And Celebrity Status

Back, in the summer of 2018 it would have been reasonable to assume that Cynthia Nixon had happily bid farewell to her acting career spanning three decades. During the months of New York's gubernatorial primary despite gaining support from progressives Andrew Cuomo maintained a consistent lead over her. Many saw the "Cynthia effect" as a sign of her potential in politics surpassing the celebrity campaign. However quickly as it began her run came to an end due to Cuomo's strong establishment connections and influential supporters. (For those who opposed her candidacy it is clear that their stance hasn't aged well.) Although Nixon's political aspirations were momentarily halted she didn't lose any momentum; instead she redirected it elsewhere

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Progressive Policy Positions

Progressive Policy Positions
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It's often said that politics is like Hollywood for individuals; hence the question arises; Why does Cynthia Nixon choose to run for governor of New York? All she has enjoyed is a career that most actors only dream of. Over the two years she has portrayed intriguing characters such as Emily Dickinson and Nancy Reagan while earning her second Tony award for her outstanding performance in Lillian Hellman's The Little Foxes, on Broadway.

She could have continued advocating for her preferred issues while searching for the type of role that would have earned her an Oscar, the award necessary to achieve an EGOT. "I must admit there was a moment, " Nixon confessed recently perched on a barstool, in her Noho kitchen on a weekday morning. She mentioned portraying a politician. How she did it justice. However she chose not to reveal the character's identity. By observing her layered bob (several shades lighter than the fiery red she sported as Miranda on Sex and the City) her intelligent blue eyes, cute button nose and flawless complexion anyone with casting insight could easily make an educated guess.

"Let me guess, " I interjected. "Blonde? Fond of pantsuits?"

Nixon responded with a smile that only accentuated how perfectly she could have portrayed Hillary Clinton.

Of playing a politician on screen Cynthia Nixon has made the unconventional decision to become one in real life—a choice that has left many perplexed. Who would willingly trade all of this—the career, the apartment, the safe distance, from reality—for shaking hands with strangers and enduring stale coffee in Styrofoam cups? Not to mention having to address standing grievances from Sex and the City fans that go back decades. Oh. Lets not forget Albany.""People were saying, 'I think it's great but I don't quite understand the reasoning behind it  Nixon shared during her birthday celebration at the Cutting Room in Murray Hill. The event also served as a fundraiser. "Why would anyone even consider doing something like this?

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Democratic Primary Challenge

Democratic Primary Challenge
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According to Nixon the main motivation, behind her decision was Donald Trump. Like other liberals she was taken aback and deeply affected by the outcome of the 2016 election. She actively participated in the Women's March donning a hat and expressing her belief that Washington should seriously reconsider any attempts to undermine women's rights." In her perspective Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York seemed like the equivalent of Trump, in her community. "We've always had this belief that being a state and having a Democratic leadership in Albany means they're taking care of us " she expressed, her voice growing more resolute as she shifted into campaign mode. ". The truth is, New York is actually the most unequal state in the entire country and it has only become more unequal under Andrew Cuomo.

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Engaging with Grassroots Activism

Engaging with Grassroots Activism
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For quite some time now those within circles that both Nixon and her wife Christine Marinoni are part of have been frustrated by the governor's arrogance, behind the scenes dealings and particularly his concessions to Republicans. He has permitted them to manipulate district boundaries at their discretion and supported a splinter group called the Independent Democratic Conference—senators elected as Democrats who opted to vote alongside Republicans instead. Nixon convincingly asserted to me that while Cuomo presents himself as a champion nothing could be further, from reality. "He has significantly reduced taxes for the individuals while simultaneously cutting services for everyone." "He has incurred a loss of $25 billion, in state revenue " she mentioned, speaking about the impact of tax cuts during Cuomo's time in office. "We really need that money. Consider all the things we are yearning for here such as funding for our schools advocating for healthcare promoting renewable energy addressing subway issues and putting an end to the detrimental school, to prison cycle."