Dick Butkus, Has Departed This Realm At The Venerable Age Of 80
(Dick Butkus, Has Departed This Realm At The Venerable Age Of 80/ Image Credits:People)

Within the NFL community, a solemn ambience permeates as it confronts the recent passing of Dick Butkus. This illustrious luminary, enshrined in the hallowed halls of the Chicago Bears Hall of Fame, breathed his last on a Thursday, within the confines of his abode nestled in Malibu. Confirmation of this event emanated from an official spokesperson representing the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office. The tally of his years, a total of 80, signifies the duration of his earthly journey.

The Chicago Bears, through an official communique, relayed the Butkus family's acknowledgement of the serene transition of the indomitable Dick Butkus, a figure celebrated not only for his prowess on the Football field but also his contributions to the realm of entertainment. 

His passage into eternal rest occurred in a tranquil slumber at his Malibu residence, located in the state of California. In their expressions of gratitude, the family extended heartfelt thanks for the outpouring of prayers and support received during this trying juncture. In tandem with these sentiments, they noted their present assembly with Dick's life companion, Helen. 

One Of The Most Exceptional Athletes

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell paid tribute to Dick Butkus, acknowledging him as a formidable and dedicated competitor who played a significant role in shaping the linebacker position, ultimately establishing himself as one of the greatest players. 

Goodell further emphasized that Dick's instinct, resilience, and athleticism made him the epitome of a linebacker, forever linking his name to the position and the Chicago Bears. Goodell fondly recalled the late linebacker as a longstanding advocate for former players and players at all levels of the game. 

Achieving Excellence On The Field

He further acknowledged that the Dick Butkus Award and his foundation recognized excellence on the field and contributions to the community among high school, college, and NFL linebackers. In conclusion, Goodell extended his condolences to Butkus' family and all those affected by his remarkable life. 

In an official proclamation, the Chicago Bears conveyed their profound reverence for Dick Butkus, a venerable figure who embodied the quintessence of a Chicago Bear. They extended their heartfelt condolences to his kin and confidants. The National Football League (NFL) has articulated its profound grief regarding the demise of the esteemed Hall of Famer, Dick Butkus.

Distinguished Professional Playing Career

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and the Bears organization, as stated in the official statement released by the NFL. Additionally, the league included a photograph of Butkus during his illustrious playing career.

Renowned WWE wrestler Mick Foley, known as Mick, conveys his profound sadness upon learning of the demise of Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus. Foley declares Butkus as his all-time favourite player, reminiscing about his childhood days when he adorned his wall with a poster of Butkus. 

Concludes His Communication

Concludes His Communication
(Concludes His Communication/ Image Credits:twitter)

Foley further reveals that he had the privilege of meeting Butkus once, during which the football legend graciously signed the aforementioned poster. Foley pays tribute to Butkus, acknowledging him as a true legend, and concludes his message with the hashtag #RIPDickButkus. 

Fergie Jenkins, former pitcher and coach for the Chicago Cubs, shares a photograph capturing a moment with Butkus on a baseball field. Jenkins pays homage to Butkus, recognizing him as one of the greatest linebackers in the history of the sport and a remarkable individual. Jenkins laments the loss of this legendary figure, emphasizing that Chicago has bid farewell to an icon. 

Highlighting His Steadfast Backing

He concludes his message with the hashtag #dickbutkus. In a heartfelt tribute, an unidentified individual expresses that Dick Butkus transcended his status as one of the greatest football players ever to grace the game. This individual highlights Butkus' exceptional character, emphasizing his unwavering support whenever needed. 

The individual envisions Butkus, along with three other Bears legends, now residing in heaven, enjoying each other's company and eagerly preparing to watch the Thursday Night Football game from the most privileged seats available. May Dick Butkus rest in peace. He was a legend and one of the few whose name was synonymous with the NFL, expressed Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts.

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The Character Was Depicted Or Represented

Following his retirement from football, Butkus ventured into the entertainment industry, featuring in Miller Lite commercials and pursuing acting. He achieved success off the field by securing a recurring role on the NBC sitcom, My Two Dads, in the 1980s. On the show, he portrayed the character of Ed Klawicki, a cafe owner.

Staci Keanan, who co-starred with Butkus on My Two Dads, expressed her condolences, stating, I am deeply saddened to hear of Dick's passing. He was a gentle, sweet, and quiet man who surprised us with his humor. Despite his chronic pain from his football days, he never complained and even wore Birkenstocks to alleviate his discomfort.

Astounded By The Colossal Tackles

Astounded By The Colossal Tackles
(Astounded By The Colossal Tackles/ Image Credits:People)

Keanan also recalled an episode of My Two Dads that featured a highlight reel of Butkus's character's football career, which included footage from his real-life NFL career. She was amazed by the massive tackles and sacks that came from the gentle giant she knew.

Butkus also appeared in the 1986 teen comedy, Hamburger: The Motion Picture, which centered around a school for aspiring fast-food franchise owners. Butkus is survived by his spouse, Helen, and their offspring, Ricky, Matt, and Nikki.