Welcome to a Happy Family

Ellen DeGeneres: Creating Magic even in Odds
(Welcome to a Happy Family/Image Credits:Stern)

1958 was the year when there came a newborn. A baby girl whom the world later recognized as Ellen DeGeneres. Her mother was a speech therapist and her father was a musician. The stage was already set for her. As she grew up the vibes were quite positive and the genes were reflected in her personality. But she might need to be a bit dependent regarding her success and the life turned over. 

Life changed so the Family Stature

Ellen DeGeneres: Creating Magic even in Odds
(Life changed so the Family Stature/Image Credits:ew.com)

Unfortunately, there came a day when she came to hear very bad news of her parents getting divorced. Being a young innocent girl she has to accompany her mother which is a bit of a relief but the scenario and feelings change when her mother marries another guy. The last nail in the coffin proved to be the sexual abuse she had to face from her stepfather and it was multiple times. No one was there to believe or rescue her.

The struggle continued

Ellen DeGeneres: Creating Magic even in Odds
(The struggle continued/Image Credits: Country Living Magazine)

She had to work hard to keep her personality, self-esteem, and confidence intact to bring herself to the point where not only she but the world around her saw her with respect and gratitude. She managed to complete her education and did all sorts of small jobs to keep herself motivated to achieve her big goals.

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Payback Time 

Ellen DeGeneres: Creating Magic even in Odds
(Payback Time /Image Credits: YouTube)

Her hard work, commitment, consistency, and belief in herself all triggered at the right time and she entered this industry full of talented individuals trying their luck. She started her career as a vibrant stand-up comedian showcasing her talent and gathering appreciation from all around. Television was the medium that enhanced her fame and she was acknowledged and applauded by the masses.  Her fame was also heard by the film fraternity and she was offered some good movies to make a mark in this avenue.

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A Big Day and a Steep Flight

Ellen DeGeneres: Creating Magic even in Odds
(A Big Day and a Steep Flight/Image Credits: Deadline)

All her luck charms were on the top creating wonders for her. There was no looking back since she started hosting a daytime show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. The show was a success story from the day of its launch and as time passed it started captivating more and more of the audience. The following of the show was remarkable as were the ratings and obviously not to talk about the revenues. The Ellen Show was everywhere and Ellen was residing in every heart.

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Success is always earned and so is Respect

Ellen DeGeneres: Creating Magic even in Odds
(Success is always earned and so is Respect/Image Credits: Vanity Fair)

Ellen’s series of sufferings in her early life were there but the success story and numerous milestones she achieved with her strong-headed personality, optimistic approach, consistent efforts, and passion for her self-respect is much more to talk about. All applauds for such inspirations who make us believe in the righteous and dedication.