In the year 2022, Jada Pinkett Smith has exclusively revealed her plans to publish a book that will leave no topic untouched, ranging from her unconventional upbringing in Baltimore to her journey of falling in love with her husband, Will Smith.

Recently Conducted An Interview

Recently Conducted An Interview
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However, with the release of her book, Worthy, the question arises: how does her family feel about it? In an interview recently published by InStyle, the esteemed actress, aged 52, discussed how she approached her loved ones in preparation for the release of this revealing memoir.

Pinkett Smith shared, "To ensure transparency and respect, I took the initiative to inform them about the contents of the book, specifically the stories that involve them, and sought their consent and approval."

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The Actress Also Hinted

She and the former star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, aged 55, have two children together, namely Willow Smith, aged 22, and Jaden Smith, aged 25. Will also has a son named Trey Smith, aged 30, from his previous marriage to Sheree Zampino.

During a recent interview, Pinkett Smith revealed that her daughter Willow, who is an avid reader and the next author in the family, has read the memoir. The actress also teased that the "Memories" singer has a fictional book of her own coming out in May 2024. 

Completing The Reading Material

Completing The Reading Material
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Pinkett Smith added that her daughter loved the memoir even before it was edited and was eager to finish reading it. As for her sons Jaden and Trey, Pinkett Smith informed them about the contents of the memoir, and they will read it eventually. In the revelatory publication, the esteemed Red Talk Talk personality delves into numerous undisclosed aspects of her life, notably revealing her separation from Will in 2016. 

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During her recent appearance on the Today Show to promote her work, Worthy, Pinkett Smith candidly disclosed to Hoda Kotb the reasons behind her decision to withhold the news of their unconventional marital arrangement until now.

The Most Suitable Approach 

I believe that our current state of unpreparedness stems from our ongoing efforts to establish a harmonious partnership and determine the most appropriate manner in which to present ourselves to others. Regrettably, we have not yet resolved this matter," she confessed.

While Willow expressed her insatiable appetite for her mother's memoir, Will disclosed that he felt emotionally unsettled after delving into his wife's intimate reflections on her life and our family dynamics.

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The Book Elicited A Range Of Emotions

During their dialogue, Shetty presented a letter authored by the renowned actor of "Men in Black," Will Smith, and proceeded to read it aloud. In the letter, Smith expressed his admiration for Pinkett Smith's book, stating that despite having spent most of his life alongside her, he was still taken aback by the emotions that the book evoked within him. 

Reading Provides A Unique Experience

The couple has been united in matrimony since the year 1997. Smith additionally conveyed his gratitude towards the book, affirming that although he had been acquainted with fragments of her life through familial gatherings, the act of perusing her narrative in such a concise and impactful manner presented an entirely distinct encounter.

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The individual who received the Golden Globe award referred to his spouse as "a rare combination of power and delicate sensitivity, one of one." Furthermore, he admitted that had he read the book 30 years ago, he would have embraced her more frequently and intends to commence doing so now. 

The Process Of Determining

The Process Of Determining
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Pinkett Smith also recently discussed her long-standing relationship with Will. She stated that they are still in the process of figuring things out as relationships are an organism that is constantly shifting and moving. 

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They have been working together on some intense matters and possess a profound love for one another. They are determined to determine what their relationship will look like for them. She made this statement after alluding to the infamous Oscars slap and acknowledging that a lot has occurred over the last two years.