If You Have Told Me – A Memoir

If You Have Told Me – A Memoir
(If you have told me – a memoir /Image Credits: Rolling Stone)

John wants his fans to read his biography so that they get to know him better. The 352 pages memoir, ‘If you would have told me’ is ready to be published on 24th October by Henry Holt. The memoir is also available as an audiobook where John narrates his life and takes you to his 60 years old journey. John shared Howard Stern’s thoughts on the book. After listening to the audiobook Howard left a full lengthy and detailed review for John on how much he loved the book. Howard shared his reviews with John on WhatsApp. John listened to it while sitting in his office and that office took everyone back to the old days where John used to play guitars and drums.

A Well-Groomed Office 

The office exactly resonated with the personality of John with guitars hanging on the wall, drums placed immaculately on one side, and the charming John who used to play bad boys with hearts of gold. Everything in the office was in memory of Blackie Parrish on General Hospital, Uncle Jesse on Full House, and Dr. Tony Gates on ER.   Howard, while sharing his thoughts about John’s book, said that John has done a remarkable job as everything was diffident. John did not overdo anything, did not degrade anyone and did not share much details about his divorce and intemperance. The book is intelligently written by him and shows his efforts while he narrates his story to the world. There were details that John had mentioned for the first time.

Being 100% Original And Honest 

John shared that while he was preparing the draft, his father advised him not to mention anything related to politics or religion but then he questioned himself that if he is not talking about such things then why is he even doing it. If he can’t be honest about his life then there is no point in writing and sharing something that is kept hidden from his fans.   He got overwhelmed while talking about the time he used to drink where his life was in darkness and he could not think straight. He shared that he was not full, it seemed like he was living someone else’s life.

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A Born Actor – Born To Be Famous 

A Born Actor – Born To Be Famous 
(A born actor – born to be famous /Image Credits: People)

John’s mother shared that he was obsessed with Disneyland as a child. She funnily shared that he wanted to become an actor just when he was not even born, but she was sure that one day he will become quite famous and there was no power that could stop him from being famous.   Johns recalls his time when he was fearless, sober, charming and vague. He shared that when he used to attend parties, he would drink a little and that would make all the women around him go gaga over him.

A Dark Time In John’s Life

The first chapter of the book takes the readers back to June 2015 when he got married to Rebecca, his downfall of career, his parents not with him, and a drunk Johan where fans roared at him thinking he is dead. But that day was not far when police found him passed out after drinking too much and after taking him to hospital, they charged him against his misbehavior and attempted to drive while drunk.   Writing about his famous and loved sitcom Full House was challenging and hard for him. He knew how much his fans loved the sitcom. The show that ran for 8 years gave him good memories that he held closest to him throughout his life.

John shared his dream of playing drums with the Beach Boys, something he has not done since 1983. He loved it when girls were screaming and dancing to the tunes. John never wanted the concert to end. It gave him all the power and he felt a vibrant string swaying him and figuring everything out. 

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