Hayden Panettiere Has Unveiled Her Latest Hair Transformation
(Hayden Panettiere Has Unveiled Her Latest Hair Transformation/ Image Credits:People)

Hayden Panettiere continues to embrace the colour pink. The 34-year-old Scream Actress recently showcased her latest pink hairstyle, this time with a touch of green. In a recent Instagram post, the actress donned a new hairdo following her recent transition from blonde to pink. 

Enhanced her appearance

Panettiere was dressed in a denim chambray button-down shirt and complemented her look with a full makeup application, including a nude pinkish lip gloss and shimmery pink eyeshadow that accentuated her pink hair. Reach dailypopmix.com for interesting updates.

The Nashville star appreciated her new Hairstyle: Love my new watermelon vibes up top! Thanks, @erickohair, you're the best! Xoxo. Although Panettiere has been sporting pink locks since September, she has yet to confirm whether these new colours are permanent changes to her appearance. 

A significant degree of alopecia

The novel appearance may come as a surprise. However, Ms Panettiere disclosed to Women's Health in March that she has been privately struggling with changes to her hair. During the interview, she revealed that she had experienced severe hair loss due to her alcohol addiction.

Ms Panettiere stated that her alcohol addiction began at 22 as a coping mechanism to manage stress. Following the birth of her daughter, Kaya, in 2014, the actress was confronted with postpartum depression and a neck injury. 

Locating the suitable medication

Locating the suitable medication
(Locating the suitable medication/ Image Credits:Gala)

Ms Panettiere explained that she would consume alcohol to alleviate her anxiety and opioid pills to alleviate her physical pain. Panettiere asserted that she ought to have sought medical intervention through the use of antidepressants to alleviate her postpartum depression. However, she underscored the significance of identifying the suitable medication that caters to an individual's requirements.

She acknowledged that alcohol consumption is incompatible with antidepressants and that she was not prepared to abstain from drinking then. In 2015, during the production of Nashville, the actress sought treatment at a rehabilitation facility for the first time. 

The adverse effects are significant

Despite continuing her career in Hollywood, featuring in Nashville and Custody, she experienced a relapse. The actress took a hiatus from acting in 2018 to address her stress and anxiety.

However, she continued to rely on alcohol as a coping mechanism. Upon reaching 30, she recognized the detrimental impact of her alcohol addiction on her physical Health.