Julia Fox Has Expressed That Her Experience Of Dating Kanye West Resembled The Responsibility Of Tending To A Second Child
(Julia Fox Has Expressed That Her Experience Of Dating Kanye West Resembled The Responsibility Of Tending To A Second Child/ Image Credits: Us Weekly)

During a recent interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Julia Fox, aged 33, candidly disclosed her involvement with the renowned rapper Kanye West, aged 46, describing it as akin to tending to a second child. 

Encounter With The Ephemeral Connection

The accomplished actress, who was romantically linked to West for a brief period of one month, appeared on the show to promote her newly released memoir, titled Down the Drain, where she delved into her experience with the fleeting relationship. 

Fox elaborated on her decision to end the romance, stating, I could only sustain it for a limited duration as I firmly believe that he required someone who could devote their entire time and attention to him, which unfortunately I was unable to provide.

The Nature Of The Situation Was Rendered

The Nature Of The Situation Was Rendered
(The Nature Of The Situation Was Rendered/ Image Credits: Page Six)

She elaborated further, stating, The responsibility of being a mother to my son, Valentino, required my complete attention, while at the same time, West would often initiate lengthy telephone conversations. To manage this, I resorted to purchasing a pair of AirPods, enabling me to multitask while attending to my maternal duties. However, the overwhelming nature of the situation rendered it unsustainable.

Julia, who co-parents her two-year-old son Valentino with her former partner Peter Artemiev, emphasized that her child is her utmost priority. My son must always come first. The situation became overwhelming as I had not anticipated having to care for two infants. It felt as though I had two babies.

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The Connection Shall Be Maintained

Furthermore, Julia candidly discussed her astonishment at the rapid and extensive publicity surrounding her relationship with Kanye, whom she dated in January 2022. Initially, she believed that their connection would remain discreet, as is often the case when dating celebrities. 

She elaborated, Upon our initial encounter, I genuinely believed that this would remain a private affair, as many celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives under wraps. They often request, 'Please refrain from posting pictures in my bathroom.' Hence, I assumed it would remain a secret.

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Wholeheartedly Embraced And Accepted It

Wholeheartedly Embraced And Accepted It
(Wholeheartedly Embraced And Accepted It/ Image Credits:Apartment Therapy)

However, when news of their relationship unexpectedly leaked, Julia found herself unprepared for the ensuing attention. Despite this, she decided to embrace the situation, stating, I accepted it wholeheartedly. I was willing to engage in the fashion industry, don the attire, and comply with his requests.

The Matter Has Garnered Noteworthy

Julia stated that he desired for her to attain a larger stature. She further added that he was elated when she received significant media attention. Julia also noted that when he envisions someone, he becomes fixated on the idea and it becomes his project. 

Regarding her current relationship status, Julia disclosed that she is content being single and has decided to abstain from dating. She expressed that if something is functioning well, there is no need to alter it.

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