The Most Popular And Known Selena Gomez And The Queen Of Social Media
(The Most Popular And Known Selena Gomez And The Queen Of Social Media/ Image Credits:ELLE)

Selena Gomez, also known as Selena Marie Gomez. She was born on 22 July 1992. Moreover, She started her career as a child actress. Undoubtedly, because of her incredible talent, and her personality, she has become the most followed Actress on Instagram. 

In 2002, she started her career by playing child roles, and did the Television series Barney and Friends. However, in 2007, she did this series and after this, she was offered a lead role in Wizard of Waverly Place as Alex Russo.

Selena Gomez has also won several awards throughout her successful career. How many awards did she get? Are you really curious about it? By her success, she received an American Music award and two MTV Music awards.

Gomez Selena is one of the most influential people on social media, and the most followed person on Twitter and Instagram as well. However, she is not only a great and wonderful star but also an amazing Singer and producer. In 2020, she was named in Time's annual list and has been tagged as the most influential person in the world. In 2020, she received the title of women of the Year.

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How she became the Queen of Social Media

How she became the Queen of Social Media
(How she became the Queen of Social Media/ Image Credits:Den of Geek,LiveJournal,E! Online)

In 2017, she produced a Netflix series which got really hit. In 2021, she played the main character in the comedy series only murders can see the Building, by her extreme talent she received major awards for her Netflix series.

In 2007, she began her career by doing a role on the Disney series Hannah Montana which was a great success for her. Hence, she also did her first pilot series Suite life spin-off and she played Arwrin. In several series, she played teenage roles. Hence, these roles gave her the title teen idol. Thus, along with her mother, she moved to Los Angeles

In 2008 she offered a leading role in another Cinderella story. And successfully, she won the Young Artist Award. She was nominated in all series that she has done so far. In 2008, she introduced her own production company which she named July Moon Productions.

Selen Gomez, a philanthropist, also helps and supports people to raise awareness about mental health and equality. Moreover, she also works with children and helps those women who are not mentally stable. Thus, since 2009, she also has been a UNICEF ambassador.

In 2020, she introduced her brand rare Beauty. She wanted to help young children by increasing mental Health services and providing a proper education system for them.

Thus, her success and hard work made her the 'Queen of social media'. In this article, we discussed her journey and how she became so popular and started her wonderful career as a successful Journey.

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