Kim Kardashian Is Not A Stranger To Breaking The Internet With Her Posts!
(Kim Kardashian Is Not A Stranger To Breaking The Internet With Her Posts!/ImageCredits: BuzzFeed)

Kim Kardashian is not a stranger to breaking the internet with her posts and news. Every post she makes sure to get a reaction from a million followers on her Instagram account and her recent post is no exception. 

The 42-year-old shared a series of mirror selfies taken in her closet on Instagram on September 25. Wearing a pink bralette and matching high-waisted panties from her brand Skims, the mom-of-four showcased her signature pout for the shots.

In a photo that has already received a huge bulk of 100,000 comments and 10 million likes, Kim is seen posing in a skimpy bikini and showing her toned figure, and fans are also praising her look. But the post of Kim Kardashian which received appreciation from her fans also sparked a controversy. This post received accusations from the critics that she was showing unrealistic beauty standards and some were saying this was an attention-seeking post. Still, this isn't the first time Kardashian has caused uproar on social media, with her posts often dividing fans. 

"I think you're missing a toe," wrote johnmarks571. "Toe-tally! Where is it??" asked tatjanaclancy.

"Her feet on the last slide are outrageous," said jasonreyna23. "This isn't her best pic, looks weird," commented stephduartee.

Although there were also plenty of fans praising the businesswoman, with susantoughlian calling the snaps "gorgeous."

"TOO HOT," agreed healthygirlkitchen.

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Kim Kardashian Is Not A Stranger To Breaking The Internet With Her Posts!
(Kim Kardashian Is Not A Stranger To Breaking The Internet With Her Posts!/ImageCredits: Newsweek)

"You are the cutest," wrote kimharlowandt, while richyminds said: "Kim makes me wanna chase my dreams and become the best version of myself."

In April, the socialite came under fire for sharing a photo of her luxury hotel room in Tokyo, Japan, alongside the caption: "Always look on the bright side of life." Followers accused Kardashian of promoting "toxic positivity," saying it is easy to be optimistic when you're wealthy.

And there is nothing new for Kim that people are talking about her and that's exactly what he wants. She has a long story of using her platform for publicity and attention from audiences.

Another incident happened in 2015 when Kim Kardashian broke the internet with nude selfies and a controversial video of her former husband, Kanye West 2016 having a meltdown.

In November 2022, The Kardashians star was accused of using her Instagram account as a distraction from the "Balenciaga scandal." The fashion label was criticized for its Christmas 2022 campaign, which showed a child model holding a teddy bear that appeared to be dressed in S&M bondage gear.

Everyone is aware of the fact that Kim knows how to get people's attention and her latest Instagram post is evidence of this fact.

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Why Kim Kardashian's Posts Are So Popular

Why Kim Kardashian's Posts Are So Popular
(Why Kim Kardashian's Posts Are So Popular/ImageCredits:

There are reasons why Kim Kardashian's posts are popular among people

The fact that she is an attractive woman and people are attracted to beauty and Kim is no exception to this reason. The other reason that makes her popular is that she is filthy rich and luxurious. People are attracted to the lifestyle of rich and famous people and she is one of the most famous people in the world. 

The third reason that makes Kim famous is her controversial personality. Whether they are criticizing her or praising her, people love to talk about Kim Kardashian. All these factors contribute to her popularity and she is sure to keep people talking. 

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The Influence Of Kim Kardashian Posts

The Influence Of Kim Kardashian Posts
(The Influence Of Kim Kardashian Posts/ImageCredits: Business Insider)

Kim Kardashian sets lifestyle, beauty, and various fashion trends. Her posts have a greater impact on pop culture. Just take an example when Kim started wearing waist trainers there was a notable surge in demand for the product and the conjuring technique became popular among makeup artists when she started counting her face. 

Kim Kardashian'spost has a social impact also. She can spark a conversation about social issues through her posts like body image and feminism. When Kardashian posted a photo of breastfeeding her daughter North, this image of her normalized breastfeeding in public. And her post helped to raise awareness about body shaming when she shared her experience with body shaming.

Kim Kardashian is a powerful figure in pop culture and her posts have a significant impact on the audience around the world and are sure to continue to do so for years to come.