Opened Up About Her Thoughts On Dating

Opened Up About Her Thoughts On Dating
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During an episode of The Kardashians the 42 year old reality star opened up about her thoughts on dating and what she envisions when she meets the person. You might recall that Kim's previous relationship with Pete Davidson came to an end in August 2022. They dated for nine months before parting ways.

While having a conversation with her friends in London before heading to Arsenal F.C. Game with their sons Kim addressed their suggestion that there might be " guys”, at the event.

"Why are you all looking at me? I have age preferences " she asserted. "I'm looking for someone who is in his forties."

In a reflection Kim discussed how her friends are eager to set her up with someone and why she doesn't feel the need to date at this moment."When you find yourself single while all your friends are happily married it's as if desperation is written over your face and suddenly everyone, under the sun wants to play matchmaker " she expressed. "Honestly I'm perfectly content with my company for now. I believe the right opportunity will present itself naturally."

Her Relationship With Pete Davidson

Her Relationship With Pete Davidson
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Kim has had a relationship before getting involved with Pete including a three year romance with former NFL star Reggie Bush ( 38) as well as marriages to music producer Damon Thomas (aged 52) and NBA player Kris Humphries (aged 38).

She also went through a divorce, with her ex husband Kanye West, whom she filed for divorce from in February 2021 after being married for six years. They finalized their divorce in November 2022.After her split from the 46 year rapper Kim started dating Pete, who's 29 years old in the fall of 2021 after her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live.

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As Kim and Petes relationship grew stronger, Kanye launched attacks against them both online and in the media. In one music video for his song "Eazy " Kanye portrayed himself kidnapping, tying up and burying a claymation version of Pete.However Kim and Petes relationship ended in August 2022 after dating for nine months. During the season 3 premiere of The Kardashians Kim openly admitted feeling a lot of guilt following their breakup because Pete had to go through a lot due to her relationship with Kanye.

According To Different Sources Her Love Life

According To Different Sources Her Love Life
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Recently sources revealed that Kim has been spending time with NFL player Odell Beckham Jr., aged 30.Kim despite experiencing fluctuations, in her dating life expressed optimism during her May 2023 interview on the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast stating that she believes love will find its way back, to her in the future.

Kim expressed her outlook on finding love someday during her appearance on the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast, in May 2023 despite the various highs and lows she has experienced in her dating life.

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"I believe I will always maintain my ideals and desire to be in love, to share my life with someone and to build a life together " she expressed. "I surely won't rush into anything. There are factors to consider especially when you have children and it's important to be cautious about who enters your life."

She also made statements about finding love during an episode of Season 3 of The Kardashians.

"At times I go back and forth with my emotions wondering if anyone would want to date me " she confessed privately. "I have four children. I'm in my forties... Who would want to handle the challenges?. The right person for me will say, 'Forget all that. It may be difficult. We're in this together.' So I'm patiently waiting for that person."

According to an insider's claim Kim Kardashian is interested in reconnecting with her former flame Pete Davidson after his split from Chase Sui Wonders.

Following the comedian's separation from his co-star, from Bodies Bodies Bodies, a source informed Heat Magazine that the reality TV star hopes he might give their relationship another chance.

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 According to a source Kim doesn't foresee any problems if she decides to reconcile with the actor named Bupkis especially considering that her ex husband Kanye West is now focused on his wife Bianca Censori.