The Pink Setting Powder Kylie Jenner's Beauty Hack Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons
(The Pink Setting Powder Kylie Jenner's Beauty Hack Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons/Image Credits:IIIT-L)

As of 2023, Kylie Cosmetics is a $1 billion successful business. Kylie Jenner, the reality tv star from Keeping up with the Kardashians and to The Kardashians is the youngest sister among them all. Her blood sibling Kendall Jenner is a world successful model who has achieved recognition internationally. Here’s how Kylie became a businesswoman when an idea struck her at age sixteen.

The Beginning:

The Beginning
(The Beginning/Image Credits:Allure)

Kylie revealed on her youtube channel back in 2019, that she saved up her earnings from KUWK and pitched a business idea to her mother, also called momager by the internet, our very own Kris Jenner.Kris believed in her daughter's skills, passion and abilities to bring an idea to life. They held meetings with different people in the industry to make a dream come to life. Kylie said that she is ready to market the product herself through the power of social media and her influence on thousands of young girls and women around the world. Kylie is indeed a trendsetter and she is one of the people who have influenced the makeup community the most. Recently, during a get ready with me video with Vogue she revealed her go to hack is using a pink setting powder for getting a younger, fresh more radiant look. Keep reading to find out more. 

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Kylie's Influence And The Viral Beauty Hack:

Kylie's Influence And The Viral Beauty Hack:
(Kylie’s influence and the Viral beauty hack/Image

Celebrities such as Sza and Kylie Jenner are following this hack where you mix your cream blush with the concealer and apply it directly under your eyes to give it a soft blushy natural balanced look. Since then many brands have introduced a pink-toned concealer and setting powder. The reason why this hack works is because the colour pink cancels out the green in your skin. This means if you have any redness or acne, they might have green undertones on your skin. It ends up giving you a glow from within as if you’re actually blushing. “When it comes to setting powder, people have been using translucent or yellow undertoned shades for years. Pink setting powder brightens up the under eye area and adds a flushed, youthful look to that area, with the pink undertones counteracting the dark shadows we get - it really is all down to colour theory.” says brand founder Jordana Ticia.

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Can A Pink Concealer Or Powder Hide Dark Circles?

Can a pink concealer or powder hide dark circles
(Can a pink concealer or powder hide dark circles/Image Credits:LiveGlam)

 According to colour theory a pink setting powder or even a translucent pink one won’t hide your dark circles. The best way to do it is to use colour correcting techniques first and see which one works out for you. “Paired with concealer to cover up the discoloration, pink setting powder is great for brightening up the under eye as the pink tones counteract the green hues we get with dark circles.” Jordana Ticia adds. With the help of an orange or peach colour corrector you can neutralise the discolouration under your eyes. 

Best products to use in order to follow this hack:

We picked out the best top seven products for you to achieve the radiant effortless glow from underneath your skin. 

1.Jordana Ticia Mini Set & Brighten Powder Duo in Flossie

This is a pressed powder and a loose light pink powder that controls excess oil on the skin and has colour correcting properties.  

2.By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Tinted Veil in Rosy Light No.1

This product provides hydration to skin through hyaluronic acid and helps reduce fine lines under your eyes protecting your under eye makeup from creasing.

3.Givenchy Prisme Libre Travel:

With its travel sized packaging, this powder helps in giving a matt finish. 

4.Westman Atelier Vital Pressed Skincare Powder in Pink Bubble:

To protect your skin against air pollution it contains micro-milling probiotics and vitamin C, making your pores look smoother.

5.MAC Iridescent Loose Powder in Silver Dusk:

This loose powder doesn't just set but also highlights. It is used to give a radiant smooth finish overall. 

6.Ben Nye in Pretty Pink Powder:

Ben Nye banana powder had been really famous among the beauty community on youtube back in 2016. They have launched their pink powder. 

7.Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder in Cherry Blossom Cake:

The very best Huda Beauty  loose powder comes in many different shades for multiple skin complexions.  The cherry blossom cake shade makes you look as if you have a Tik Tok blurring filter on your face in real life.