Lindsey Vonn Has Recently Disclosed Her Intention To Undergo Knee Replacement Surgery As Part Of Her Medical Treatment
(Lindsey Vonn Has Recently Disclosed Her Intention To Undergo Knee Replacement Surgery /ImageCredits:People)

Lindsey Vonn, the 38-year-old former Olympic skier, is currently making preparations for knee replacement surgery. Having undergone numerous knee surgeries since her retirement in 2019, Vonn disclosed this medical information during an Instagram Q&A session on Sunday. 

In response to a question regarding her most recent procedure and the possibility of total knee arthroplasty (TKA), Vonn shared that she had recently undergone preparatory surgery for a knee replacement.

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The Knee Is Embellished With A Surgical Dressing

She further expressed her intention to proceed with the next surgery in the upcoming spring, accompanied by an image of her knee adorned with surgical dressing, shared on her Instagram Story. 

Vonn has also shared a video of herself performing a knee exercise in response to a fan's request for advice following surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The athlete proceeded to recommend that individuals focus on their range of motion by performing full flexion and extension exercises daily.

The Ongoing Complications With Their Knees

The ongoing complications with their knees
(The ongoing complications with their knees./ImageCredits:

In 2019, Vonn underwent a surgical procedure to repair her torn lateral collateral ligament (LCL), yet has continued to experience knee issues. In July, Vonn disclosed on Instagram that she was undergoing another surgery, stating, I have been grappling with the residual effects of my ski racing career and have been striving to manage the pain to the best of my ability. 

This surgical procedure is anticipated to represent a substantial advancement towards achieving long-term alleviation. Despite the existence of pending tasks and the likelihood of subsequent surgery, I maintain a positive outlook that this intervention will offer some respite in the interim period. Vonn's updates regarding her knee condition have surfaced after her recent disclosure of being stung by a considerably large jellyfish.

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The Photographs Showcased

The photographs showcased
(The photographs showcased./ImageCredits:

In September, she took to her Instagram story to share images of her wound, seeking advice on how to alleviate the discomfort. One of the photographs displayed the back of her leg, exhibiting a red and swollen region on her thigh. 

In an attempt to find relief, Vonn experimented with a recommended remedy by immersing herself in a bath of transparent water, as depicted in one of the accompanying pictures. In a lighthearted manner, she humorously questioned the level of concern she should have regarding her situation.