Sharon Osbourne With A Mysterious Illness While Filming ‘Terror’ Show
(Sharon Osbourne With A Mysterious Illness While Filming ‘Terror’ Show/Image Credits:Daily Mail)

In December 2022, Sharon Osbourne was admitted to the hospital with an unexplained sickness. Now that video of the events leading up to the medical emergency has been made public, it's extremely unsettling.

It turns out that Sharon was filming her son's Travel Channel series "Jack Osbourne's Night of Terror" at the time. She may be seen chatting to a spirit while wearing headphones, blindfolded, and standing outside the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, California. The video showed everything looking well. Then suddenly, it wasn't.

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Last words of Sharon before she froze!

Sharon Osbourne With A Mysterious Illness While Filming ‘Terror’ Show
(Last words of Sharon before she froze/Image Credits:TV Insider)

Was Prohibition in effect when you were here? Those were Sharon Osbourne's final remarks before she froze and slouched on a chair. 

The Reality TV star's head tipped back and her body became limp as shown in footage from "Jack Osbourne's Night of Terror" that aired in September. After a little while, a member of the production team asked Sharon whether she was alright. The crew member assumed she was in "some kind of catatonic state" when she didn't respond. Then Jack was informed of his mother's state.

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It’s a Medical emergency!

Sharon Osbourne With A Mysterious Illness While Filming ‘Terror’ Show
(It’s a Medical emergency! /Image Credits:New York Post)

Jack Osbourne entered the room to check on Sharon Osbourne since she wasn't speaking and wanted to make sure she was "in one piece." Jack pleaded with her to wake up, but she wouldn't, so he ordered the staff to switch on the lights. He said, "Lights on, now!" 

Hospitalized for a "medical emergency," Sharon Osbourne. There was not much further known about what occurred. A short while later, she wrote to her followers on social media to let them know she was "back home and doing great." The Glen Tavern Inn, a place with a reputation for ghostly encounters, was previously shown on an episode of the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventurers."

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Sharon Osbourne about her illness!

Sharon Osbourne With A Mysterious Illness While Filming ‘Terror’ Show
(Sharon Osbourne about her illness/Image Credits:Yahoo)

Sharon Osbourne briefly discussed her "illness" earlier this year. On the British edition of "The Talk," she remarked, "It was the weirdest thing." "I was recording when I was abruptly informed that I had been unconscious for 20 minutes. I was hospitalized, transferred from one hospital to another, and had all necessary tests over two days; nobody knows why, she said.