Beyond The Silver Screen: Marilyn Monroe's Impact On Beauty Standards!
( Beyond The Silver Screen: Marilyn Monroe's Impact On Beauty Standards! /Image Credits: Woman's World)

Marilyn Monroe remains an iconic figure in the realm of standard and beauty. She revolutionized the beauty standards despite her presence on the silver screen, leaving an indelible mark in the history of pop culture. Her unique fashion style and beauty inspire fashion even today.

An Undeniable Beauty

Marilyn Monore's fair, complexion, attractive eyes, and sultry lips and her charisma captivated the audiences worldwide. Her Hourglass figure played an integral role and became emblematic of a new beauty standard. Monroe’s beauty is legendary and followed a perfect skincare routine which made her skin flawless and radiant. Wearing red lipstick often became her trademark. Her makeup is captivating and still followed today for a perfect look. With mascara and eyeliner, she made her eyes noticeable which added an extra layer of perfection to her look and created a mesmerizing look. Monroe's makeup look is still emulated by people today Apart from her makeup and radiant skin, her platinum blonde curls were another feature that captivated her fans. Her blonde wave curls completed her glamorous look and became a defining feature of her fashion style and beauty. Even today those waves of curls are adopted by many women to aspire to achieve their legendary blond curls.

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A style Icon

 Beyond The Silver Screen: Marilyn Monroe's Impact On Beauty Standards!
( A style Icon /Image Credits: )

Monroe had an innate sense of fashion and her style was distinctive and timeless. She celebrated her feminist and was known for hour-glass figure. Monroe is known for wearing bold colors like red, white and pink which perfectly matches with blond hair, flawless complexion and she always wore form fitting dresses that perfectly aligned with her hourglass figure showcased her curves.  One of most famous fashion moments from Monroe’s career is wearing a white halter dress; she wore it in the film The Seven Year Itch (1955), the dress’s falling neckline and the billowing skirt make it one of the most memorable moments in the history of Hollywood industry. The image of Monroe, which is quite famous is standing over a subway grate and what makes it a style and sex appeal is the blowing up of the dress.

Marilyn Monroe’s Lasting Impact

Monroe's style and unique fashion even decades after her death continue to inspire and captivate people. Her classic sense of fashion has made her a captivating icon in the beauty and fashion industry. Even today many makeup artists, fashion designers, and hairstylists still look into Marilyn's fashion sense for inspiration and recreate her looks on editorial shoots, runways, and red carpets.  Apart from her beauty and fashion legacy, Monroe's impact on self-acceptance and body positivity cannot be overlooked. Challenging the beauty standards of her time she embraced her curves and femininity. All these made her an empowering figure and resonated with women of all ages and backgrounds. She is an icon of female empowerment and remains a memorable figure in the history of Hollywood.

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