Who’s Pete Wentz Dating?

Love Is In The Air: Who’s Pete Wentz’s Girlfriend
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Meagan Camper born on 2nd May 1989 is an American Model. They have been together since 2011. Not only that, they are also proud parents! They have two children. A son who was born in 2014 and a daughter who joined their family four years later in 2018.
Pete Wentz's professional journey truly embodies his passion, creativity, and significant influence within the music industry.

You might be wondering why they haven't tied the knot yet despite being together for such a time. It seems that Pete's views on marriage have evolved over time. In a conversation with E! News in 2015 he mentioned that he takes his commitment to his partner seriously.

When you are truly dedicated to someone you know that your bond will remain strong regardless of whether you exchange rings or not observed Pete. I still believe in the institution of marriage. All my parents and sisters are happily married. Pete also shared with E! News that this time he didn't want his marriage to be under scrutiny.

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His Past Experiences

Love Is In The Air: Who’s Pete Wentz’s Girlfriend
(His Past Experiences/Image Credits: PopCrush)

Let's also touch upon Pete Wentz's marriage and his current relationship status;
Prior to Meagan Camper Pete Wentz was married to singer and actress Ashlee Simpson. They tied the knot in 2008 after dating for two years.
After getting married Ashlee and her partner welcomed their son into the world. However, their relationship took a turn as time went on. In 2011 Ashlee decided to file for divorce due to differences between them. Pete later admitted that they realized they had tied the knot at an age and gradually drifted apart over time. After that Pete appears to have a bond with Meagan. During the COVID 19 lockdown, they used this time to grow as a family unit that they have built together.

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Pete Wentz's family expanded in 2018. He happily shared the news on Instagram. Happy New Year! We're starting off the year with the gift he excitedly announced to his 1.5 million Instagram followers. We'll be welcoming a baby to our family in 2018... Love Pete, Meagan, Bronx, and Saint.

The couple, who started dating in 2011 are parents to their 3-year-old son named Saint. Pete also has a son named Bronx from his marriage with Ashlee Simpson Ross.

While his children are still young Pete previously mentioned in an interview with Elle that his eldest son has shown an interest in music. He also adores the fact that Bronx sees him as a father.

When my six-year-old accompanies me on tour he's always filled with curiosity about everything; 'Where is there ice under the arena?' For him it's like being at your dads workplace  Pete shared with the publication. There's a photo of us performing for 40,000 people, in Los Angeles, and beside the stage is a picture of my son engrossed in playing his Nintendo DS. I'm simply his dad. It's such a bond we have.'Regarding his longtime partner, Meagan Pete is quick to express the impact she has had on his life. He once shared with Howard Stern "She's someone who tolerates my quirks. I'm in love!. No crazy couch jumping here." We can feel the joy emanating from their relationship.

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