Cheryl Hines - Roller Coaster Journey For True Love
(Cheryl Hines - Roller Coaster Journey For True Love Image Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

Star in making

Hines is a 1965 born and she grew up as a very enthusiastic and humorous personality. Likewise at the time of choosing the profession to set up her career she naturally opted for the media industry. In 1993 she was actively pursuing her career and 'Curb the Enthusiasm' proved to be a breakthrough.

Career settled so should be the Life

Career settled so should be the Life
(Career settled so should be the Life Image Credits: CBS News)

As she was heading towards success and fame she was also urging for her settlement in life. She decided to tie a knot with Robert Paul and in later years started his family with the birth of a daughter Catherine. There were all smiles for some time.

Hines was missing the magic

Though life seems fine apparently but the spark, the humor and adventure - the real traits of Hines personality were missing and she was bored of the routine life. She got divorced in 2010 and was a free bird again to explore the new skies where she can have the flights of her own passion and love.

Love hits Hines head-on

Love hits Hines head-on
(Love hits Hines head-on Image Credits: The US Sun)

Right after her divorce she was introduced to Mr. Robert Kennedy through their common friend. Hines and Kennedy were at the age of maturity but every new meet up proved to create some sizzling between the couple. The love and romance missing in their lives was once again triggered after they started spending time together. Maybe there were no butterflies as it was not the first relation they both were experiencing but it definitely was a totally unique feeling. They both were over the sky and were at peace at the same time. It was love - a true love.

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Love transformed into Commitment

This time none of them was in a hurry. They both were mature and experienced so they decided to give themselves some time. They did not hassle and for four long years tested the authenticity of their feelings for each other and once proven that they are 'the soul mates' and are born to be happily together they got married in 2014.

Eventually Hines was with the Soulmate

Hines has encountered true love and the perfect life partner so she was always there to support Kennedy in all situations. She was happy the way her husband was with her. Though people around see Kennedy as a different person but for Hines he was the perfect one. She has witnessed even those aspects (obviously the positive ones) of Kennedy which others would not even think of. So it was a proven fact that Kennedy was very comfortable with Hines.

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Beautifully destined

The journey for the hunt of true love by Hines has eventually ended up embracing a perfect life partner with all the feelings held high for love and peace.