Peter Facinelli's Surprising Career Comeback - What's He Up To Now?
(Peter Facinelli's Surprising Career Comeback - What's He Up To Now?/Image Credits: Muscle & Fitness)

On Fire actor and co-director Peter Facinelli has recently discussed working with Lance Henriksen and believes the iconic actor is a legend.

In an interview with ComicBook, Facinelli revealed his admiration for the eighty-three-year-old actor and what Henriksen's process entailed while they were shooting the movie: "I mean, he's worked on so many (Films), and he's just such a legend."

Fiona Dourif is no stranger to scares and thrills. Best known for her work across the Chucky franchise -- including multiple roles in SyFy's Chucky series -- she also stole scenes as the vicious Bart Curlish in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. That's what makes her appearance in On Fire so surprising. In Cineverse's survival thriller, Fiona plays a character as grounded as they come: Sarah Laughlin, a wife and mother determined to keep her family alive in the middle of a wildfire

Lance Henriksen praises directors Kathryn Bigelow and Stan Winston, calling Bigelow "as brave as you can get" and Winston a "great director." Henriksen mentions his long-standing collaboration with James Cameron on multiple movies. Peter Facinelli compliments Henriksen's talent and describes his character in On Fire as someone who goes off on tangents but is actually sharp-minded off-screen.

While chatting with, On Fire's Lance Henriksen discussed some of the directors that he's worked with over his long-standing career in the entertainment industry and offered plenty of praise for a number of filmmakers.

“It’s meant to be a white knuckling kind of ride that gives you hope and, in the end, also celebrates the heroes that are putting their lives on the line all the time,” Facinelli tells The Hollywood Reporter, adding that he hopes the film raises awareness about the increasing frequency of deadly wildfires, like the one that devastated Lahaina in August. “October is Fire Prevention Month, and there are ways to protect your home, but these fires just keep happening and it’s time to think about what we could do about it.”

Peter Facinelli had the support of his fiancee Lily Anne Harrison while premiering his new movie On Fire.

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Peter Facinelli's Surprising Career Comeback - What's He Up To Now?
(Peter Facinelli's Surprising Career Comeback - What's He Up To Now?/Image Credits: IRK Magazine)

The couple posed for some sweet photos during the special screening, which took place on Thursday night (September 29) at Ipic Theatres in Westwood, Calif.

Peter not only stars in the indie movie, he also directed the film. He was joined at the event by co-stars Ashlei Foushee and Ross McCall, as well as SAG Executive Committee Member Frances Fisher.

After the screening, guests celebrated at an after party hosted at Tao Group’s The Fleur Room. The evening, which benefited Global Empowerment Mission Maui Relief, was presented by Cineverse, with Lonestar, Cookie Cereal Candy Pop, El Cristiano and Peroni.

On Fire, which is in theaters now, tells the story of an ordinary man (Facinelli) who finds his world suddenly torn apart as devastating wildfires rip through the surrounding countryside.

Peter said I don’t think we’ll ever stop telling stories because I remember reading an article once where somebody said, Art doesn’t seem important, right? On a day-to-day level, when you’re just going into work, maybe not so much, but when you have a tragedy in your life, then we turn to art because we’re like, oh, other people have also experienced that, and it helps you get through it and heal. So just taking a movie like The Unbreakable Boy, and watching how Austin deals with life, and then watching how the dad deals with his son and learns from his son. You take that and you grow as a person by watching this movie, and you hopefully apply some of that to your life. 

There’s so much to it, because there’s so much of life that you just want to tune out, to escape, so you get to tune into something else for two hours and disappear, but there are also films that can help you grow, and The Unbreakable Boy is one of them. So yeah, I hope that we get to a place where we continue making these films, and theatres come back to life, because it’s a communal experience, you know when you’re sitting in an auditorium with other people and that laughter hits, it’s infectious.  Even when there’s somebody that’s in a sad moment, you can feel the pain in the auditorium or theatre, and that energy is captured with the community when you’re going to the movies.

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