Everything You Need To Know About Richard Hatch Reality TV Scandal!
(Everything You Need To Know About Richard Hatch Reality TV Scandal!/ Image Credits:The Providence Journal, Survivor Wiki - Fandom)

Survivor is a long reality that first premiered in 2000 in the United States. The show consisted of groups of participants who were on a deserted island, who had to take care of themselves while facing physical challenges, form alliances, and gameplay to win a cash prize. Over the years the show has faced various controversies, from accusations of rigging to allegations of inappropriate behavior, generated media criticism and attention. 

Richard Hatch, a corporate trainer from Rhode Island, is a prominent cunning, and controversial contestant in Survivor: Borneo. His confidence and intelligence set him apart as he knew the strategic value of forming alliances and influencing and manipulating his other fellow contestants. These tactics made him loved and loathed simultaneously by the audiences.

The most notable move of Hatch in Survivor: Borneo was the Tagi Alliance, with his fellow contestants Sue Hawk, Kelly Wiglesworth, and Rudy Boesch. Richard formed a strong team of voters who worked together and ousted their rivals.

The Big Problem Started To Unfold

The unapologetic approach of Richard Hatch led to the Reality Show's first major scandal. Hatch openly admitted manipulating his fellow contestants and forming alliances and confidently explaining it was a strategic move to make himself a non-threat. This move Richard was a turning point and shaped the landscape of TV reality shows. He set an example with his smart playing for future contestants on how to play a game. He demonstrated on reality TV that manipulation and strategic thinking can be as powerful as physical battle.

Richard became the first winner of the show but was also known for his controversial behavior throughout the reality TV show. To celebrate his 39th birthday on the ninth episode of the show aired on July 26, 2000, he walked around the camp naked and made other contestants uncomfortable. 

Sean told the camera, Rich’s birthday is today and he celebrated immediately by taking off all of his clothes and celebrating in his birthday suit, You never get used to seeing Richard naked.

Richard Hatch explained, I'm 39 today and I intended for quite a long time to celebrate my birthday naked.

Jenna's reaction after seeing Richard naked is, I'm sure he does love to be naked. I'm glad for that and I thought I would be okay with that. But sitting at the fire this morning and he comes just walking up and sits like two inches from me naked, I wanted to get away. It felt awkward sitting next to a naked gay man. If he had something to cover the butt crack area, I'd be cool with that.

Rudy said,  When I go home and my wife asks me about who was with me, I'll say a queer that ran around bare ass half of the time for one thing. Despite their differences, Richard and Rudy became good friends.