Rihanna's Baby: Everything We Know About Her New Arrival
(Rihanna's Baby: Everything We Know About Her New Arrival/Image Credits:People)

The "Umbrella" singer and partner A$AP Rocky welcomed their second son together — Riot Rose Mayers, according to a birth certificate obtained by The Blast. Baby Riot arrived on Aug. 1, joining the couple's 15-month-old son RZA Athelston Mayers in the family.Rihanna cheekily announced her second pregnancy during her Super Bowl halftime performance in February, wearing a red jumpsuit that showed off her baby bump. Despite her initial nerves about the headlining gig, Rihanna—born Robyn Rihanna Fenty—said becoming a mom encouraged her to perform.

"As scary as that was, because I haven't been on stage in seven years, there's something exhilarating about the challenge of it all and it's important for me to do this this year," she said at the Apple Music Halftime Show press conference days before the big concert, It's important for representation. It's important for my son to see that. As for what else has changed in Rihanna's life since starting a family? A much closer bond with Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers."We're best friends with a baby," she said in a February profile with British Vogue. "We have to be on the same page, but we've always kind of had that in our relationship. Everything changes when you have a baby, but I wouldn't say it's done anything but made us closer." Rihanna and Rocky had been longtime friends and collaborators before sparking romance rumors in late 2020. After being spotted on numerous dates in early 2021, Rocky confirmed their relationship in May, calling Rihanna "the love of my life" and "my lady" in an interview with GQ.

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"She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones," Rocky said. "I think when you know, you know. She's the one." In September 2021, the pair stepped out in matching outfits at the Met Gala—a style move which would become a staple of their romance. A few months later, Rihanna announced she was pregnant with a sweet photoshoot in taken in New York City.However, keeping her pregnancy news under wraps posed a big challenge for the singer."It was harder for me to keep it from my posse, because they're around me, they know my habits," she told E! News in February 2022. "They're like, 'You don't want something to drink? You're not smoking?' And I'm eating all the things I'm not used to eating. They know I hate sweets and I'm suddenly asking for cookies and donuts. But finally, I just had to let it all out, and they were all shocked, of course, as the world was also shocked."

Rihanna's Baby: Everything We Know About Her New Arrival
(Rihanna's Baby: Everything We Know About Her New Arrival/Image Credits:Us Weekly)

And upon becoming a dad for the first time, Rocky felt a big shift in how he approached his artistic endeavors, crediting his son for opening up a whole new point of view."Being outside and working and being creative, it drives more energy for you to think and soak things up like a sponge now that I'm a dad, because I have a whole other perspective," he said in a January interview with Apple Music 1. "But it honestly helps you get home to your family and get home to your baby. And I can't even explain it, man. You come home to heaven every day."TMZ previously reported that the baby's name began with an "R," and as it turns out, they weren't wrong. Her second son's name is Riot Rose Mayer, according to a birth certificate obtained by The Blast.

TBH, the name makes total sense! Rihanna’s real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, and A$AP’s legal name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers. Then there's RZA, and now Riot...you get the trend. Aside from the new pics, Rihanna has mostly kept her personal social media baby-free since the announcement. In fact, her recent posts have been hyping up her upcoming Fenty x Puma sneaker drop. Odds are, the couple has been staying out of the public eye for a bit while they adjust to being parents of two. Rihanna and A$AP’s first baby, RZA, was born on May 13, 2022, in Los Angeles. Yup, this kid is a certified Taurus. And if I’m doing the math correctly, he was probably conceived around August 2021. He's also 15 months older than his little sibling, which sounds like a lot of fun to be had in the playroom once they can both walk and talk.

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