Rihanna Is Spotted Filming A New Music Video
(Rihanna Is Spotted Filming A New Music Video/ Image Credits: Complex)

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been spotted shooting a new music video in New York City.

The pair recently confirmed they were dating after years of on-and-off speculation about their relationship, with Rocky also revealing that he has been busy at work on new music with the singer. Appearing together in the Bronx, Rihanna and Rocky strode out of a building before embracing, in what looked like a scene from a forthcoming music video. Confirming his relationship with Rihanna back in May, Rocky described her as the love of my life. She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones. I think when you know, you know, he said. She’s the one.

Rocky also revealed that he recorded new music for his upcoming album 'All Smiles' last summer while on a cross-country trip of the US with Rihanna. Their tour bus was fitted with a mobile recording set-up that he used throughout the trip. I think it’s important to have somebody that you can bounce those creative juices and ideas off of, he said of Rihanna’s influence on his new music. The rapper also said that his relationship with the pop star had influenced 'All Smiles', calling the album a ghetto love tale that is way more mature than his previous work.

TMZ reported that officers were called to the singer’s home after her security team alerted police about a man who hopped over a perimeter wall. The man is thought to have fled by the time police arrived and the incident is now under investigation. Ri was spotted up in the Bronx filming something alongside Rocky in multiple outfits. Although the sourcing isn’t ironclad, by all accounts that something was a music video.

The singer was spotted in four looks throughout filming, though half of them were semi-obscured in robes. The first was a full-length leather and shearling coat, with baggy brown pants, a snakeskin bustier top, and matching heels underneath. Next, she was spotted in a grey robe which seemed to cover up some sort of neon pink and orange outfit. On Sunday, she was seen on a fire escape alongside Rocky in a brightly colored faux-fur jacket straight from Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton menswear runway.

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Finally, she was back in a robe, but this time a fire-red mini-dress appeared to be the treasure hidden behind the terrycloth.

Rihanna Is Spotted Filming A New Music Video
(Rihanna Is Spotted Filming A New Music Video/ Image Credits: Harper's BAZAAR,WWD)

Rihanna’s vocals have not graced a song since her guest spots on DJ Khaled’s Wild Thoughts and Kendrick Lamar’s Loyalty were released within days of each other back in 2017. The singer, however, took to her Instagram comment section earlier this year to tease that she may jump on a track soon. Just one, she clarified at the time. She’s also been spotted in New York recently, in the vicinity of recording studios alongside Rocky. The easy bet, here, is that she’s recorded something with her new man.

But who knows for sure? It's entirely possible she’s just starring in the video without having actually provided a musical contribution. When you’re in love, you’ll do the darndest things for your partner. Still, it's a bit surprising though not entirely shocking that she’d film what may be evidence of a long-awaited return to music in broad daylight. Pop stars like Beyonce and Lorde have primed their fans to expect new musical eras to drop as something of a surprise bomb after a period of enforced mystery.

No one, for example, caught paparazzi pictures of Lorde sauntering around the beach in that yellow number she wore in Solar Power. Rihanna, however, has never quite moved in such mysterious ways. For the early part of her career, one era bled directly into the next as the singer was releasing albums at a clip of almost once a year, and she was also eager to provide guest vocals for others. So it tracks that she’d be so casual about her return to the spotlight.

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Lourdes Leon, also known as Lolahol, is honoring where she came from with her latest project. The video for her hypnotic new single Spelling is a clear homage to the 26-year-old artist’s mother, Madonna updating her 1998 classic Frozen with a 2023 spin. This piece is very special, Lola captioned an Instagram post of the video, which was released on October 11. 

Directed by Claire Farin and produced by creative studio Actual Objects design agency (who have also worked with Shygirl, Caroline Polachek and Weyes Blood), the video shows a haunting, witchy Lola floating in the sky before undergoing a spectral metamorphosis, transforming into a murder of crows and a black dog, just as Madonna does in the Frozen video.