So grateful Leah Remini And Kevin James Tribute On 25th Anniversary
So grateful Leah Remini And Kevin James Tribute On 25th Anniversary (Image Credits:

Kevin James and Leah Remini had fond memories of The King of Queens. The actors honored the CBS comedy on Thursday as it celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The show debuted on September 21, 1998, and ended in May 2007 after nine seasons. As they resided in Queens, New York, with Carrie Heffernan's father, Arthur Spooner (played by the late Jerry Stiller), it followed middle-class married couple Doug (James) and Carrie Heffernan (Remini).

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Photos revealed on Instagram

Photos revealed on Instagram
Photos revealed on Instagram (Image Credits:

James, 58, thanked the program and his co-stars in an Instagram post, including a picture of the three actors on Thursday. We premiered today, 25 years ago," he captioned the picture. "I consider myself extremely fortunate to have traveled with Jerry Stiller and the extraordinarily talented @leahremini. I adore you both a lot. And I want to thank the BEST FANS in the world: I LOVE YOU.

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Heartfelt tribute

Heartfelt tribute
Heartfelt tribute (Image Credits:

Remini, 53, sent her sincere Instagram tribute to the "truly special show," praising the cast members and followers. She further shared a humorous scene from an episode of the program in which Carrie buys Doug a shirt from the "Big and Tall Store."

She stated in the introduction of her caption, "By the time I signed on as Carrie Heffernan, I had gone to hundreds of auditions, was cast in numerous pilots and some short-lived shows, and was finally awarded The King Of Queens. "I am happy to say I was part of a genuinely exceptional program that lasted on for nine seasons and 207 episodes and still successfully runs in syndication," the actor said. "The moment filming for season one started, I felt right at home.

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Amazing co-stars

Amazing co-stars
Amazing co-stars (Image Credits:

The actress lauded Gary Valentine (Danny), Patton Oswalt (Spence), Victor Williams (Deacon), Nicole Sullivan (Holly), James, and Stiller, calling them all "amazing" co-stars.

They all contributed to her daily laughter, she added. "The outstanding regular cast and program guests make it what it is. Working with the cast, crew, and our incredible and devoted writers and producers was a dream come true for an actress.

She later thanked the show's ardent followers, mentioning one who said that her family is a "three-generation King of Queens household: her mom watches it, she watches it, and now her daughter watches it."

The actor went on to say, "I want to let you know that I notice the comments where you claim that you listen to The King of Queens every night to fall asleep, that it helped you get through a difficult day and difficult times in your lives, that you laughed for the first time in your day watching us, or that you watch several daily, or that you spend quality time with your family while viewing the episodes in syndication.

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