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Robert Downey Jr. was born in 1965, in New York. Along with this, his father was an actor as well as a filmmaker. His mother was also an actress who appeared in his father’s films. However, his father was a drug addict and he was surrounded by drugs in his childhood. Later, along with his father, he also became a drug addict. Hence, the strong bond between father and son of drugs.

During his childhood, Robert Downey appeared in minor roles with his father. At the age of five, he made his first acting debut. In 1972, when he was seven, he starred in another series ‘’surrealist western greaser’s palace'’’. however, he continued his acting career since childhood and started to appear in many films.

Along with this, he also studied classical ballet in England. Moreover, he also attended the show of arts and training centres in NewYork. Later, in 1978, when his parents filed for divorce he moved to California along with his father. He quit his studies and went to New York to pursue his acting career. As he was very passionate about acting since childhood.

(Robert Downey Jr.’s Journey To Superstardom, The Iron Man Of Hollywood/ImageCredits:Decider)

In 1985, he began to appear in theatre roles. In 1992, he also appeared in Charlie Chaplin in which he played the role of Chaplin. Through his talent and personality, he received the academic award for best actor performance. In 1993, he starred in the movie ‘’heart and Soul’’ which was a great success for him. 

However, regarding drugs, he was also arrested several times from 1996 to 2001. He had been addicted to drugs at the age of eight and thus, addiction comes from his father. He has also gone through a drug treatment program. 

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(Robert Downey Jr.’s Journey To Superstardom, The Iron Man Of Hollywood/ImageCredits:Fanpop)

After five years of substance abuse, he was up to his work to recover from drug treatment. Hence, he wanted to continue his career as soon as he recovered. Later, he was able to return to television and appeared in the film ‘’The Singing Detective’’. However, through his struggles and hard work, Robert Downey was also cast in leading and supporting roles.

Now, let’s discuss the blockbuster movie through which he made his career more successful,

(Robert Downey Jr.’s Journey To Superstardom, The Iron Man Of Hollywood/ImageCredits:Variety)

In 2008, he appeared in two successful films which he had experienced throughout his career. His career became more successful when he appeared in the film Iron Man. he was cast as the title character in Iron Man. However, he gained 20 pounds of muscle to look like the real Iron Man

When the movie Iron Man was released, it was grossing over $585 million worldwide. Hence, he received positive reviews regarding his movie. 

Thus, by his struggles and hard work. Now, he made his professional career successful. No doubt, he has done a wonderful performance through which he made his career successful. Hence, became the real Iron Man of Hollywood.

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