Shannon Beador Rejects John Janssen Body-Shamed Her
(Shannon Beador Rejects John Janssen Body-Shamed Her/Image Credits:Us Weekly)

Though Shannon Beador and her boyfriend, John Janssen, parted away earlier this year, she still protects him. She describes, 'There are hitches with him being, break up with me. Some people will be upset about this concern. However, he did not do or say many things that I've been supposed to do through my cast members. 

Throughout the September 13 show of the 'Real Housewives of Orange Country', Shannon Beader was hesitant to wear a swimsuit in Mexico as she is not feeling easy with her body. Alongside, Taylor Armstrongrequested that John make over the body-shaming comments on Shannon, which made her uncomfortable.    

But Shannon emphatically rejects the case. She claims, 'When we will wake up in the morning, he had to say why you grown into so pretty?' The sources revealed, 'That was his little concern. He was never a fat-shammed of me or disapproved on my appearances at all. That is hurtful thing as I do not eager him to indulge into the matter that bad cloud on him'.

John and Shannon's 'Blindsided' Through The Breakup

Shannon Beador Rejects John Janssen Body-Shamed Her
(John and Shannon's 'Blindsided' Through The Breakup/Image Credits:Us Weekly)

After filming a 'Season 17' show of RHOC in January, Shannon Beader stated that she and John had parted away and called herself 'blindsided'. Continue to read from and explore more. 

"I can only repeat his words from when we were filming," she expressed. During that time, things seemed fine. However, just seven days later, when the cameras were off, everything changed. He informed me that he wanted to end the relationship. Hearing those words at that moment was incredibly heart-wrenching." 

Though she and John try to be friendly, she does not discover a reconciliation in the stars. She admits, 'We argued, and we argued a lot. Now, we are friendly, and that is where it will remain. 

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The Real of 'Real Founder' will stay positive but admit it is hard while watching the show. She shared, 'You discover in some scenes within the relationship, and I thought we'd did not see. She, it is difficult. 

However, Shannon also points out that the accusations made by her fellow cast members against John are not true. Even though they are no longer together, it's evident that she still has feelings for him and doesn't appreciate her friends tarnishing his reputation.