The 42-year-old Timberlake disabled comments from Instagram users on any of his most recent postings. The former member of 'NSync hasn't uploaded anything since September 29, although there aren't any comments on any of his recent photos.

The reason behind Timberlake's social media deactivation is unknown, but it happened less than a week after the 41-year-old Spears' book was published. The Woman in Me, which went on sale on Tuesday, October 24, has extensive details about Spears' relationship with Timberlake throughout the 2000s. (Spears and Timberlake were romantically together from 1999 to 2002, but their relationship ended due to rumours of infidelity.)

Spears Accused Timberlake

Spears Accused Timberlake
(Spears Accused Timberlake/Image Credits: Vanity Fair)

Spears said in her biography that Timberlake texted her to end their three-year affair, leaving her "devastated." In addition, she said that he had cheated on her "a couple of times." As for Timberlake, he had already suggested in 2003 that Spears whom she did admit to have cheated was the one who had done it. 

The singer of "Stronger" said in her essay that during a night out at a Spanish club, she had a sexual encounter with choreographer Wade Robson, who had previously worked professionally with Timberlake.

Biggest Reveal About Timberlake

Biggest Reveal About Timberlake
(Biggest Reveal About Timberlake/Image Credits: Grazia Daily)

The pop singer was supposedly persuaded to get an abortion by Timberlake after she discovered she was expecting their child, which was Spears' most shocking revelation about him. "I agreed not to have the baby," she writes in her book The Woman in Me. "I would never have done it if it had been up to me alone." Justin was determined that he didn't want children despite this.

Timberlake reportedly believed that "music would help" Spears handle her feelings following the D&C. She claimed in her writing that she was "crying and sobbing" on the restroom floor as Timberlake was strumming his guitar.

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Timberlake Processed Emotions

Timberlake Processed Emotions
(Timberlake Processed Emotions/Image Credits: Stern)

Although a source told Us Weekly earlier this month that Timberlake is "trying to distance himself" from Spears' charges, he has not publicly responded to the book.

Timberlake is "disappointed" that Spears chose to release their "dirty laundry" more than 20 years later, according to a second source who spoke with Us. "Justin feels bad about hurting Britney. In this week's cover article, another source mentioned how young he was. "He hopes they can move on now and believes Britney has every right to share her story."

A Spear, for her part, has stated that the content of the book was not intended to "offend" anyone. "It was not my intention to offend anyone in any way," she posted on Instagram on October 20. That was me back then. that has already happened!

Everything is so fresh and new from now on! I intend to make it that way for the remainder of my life! In any case, that concludes it, and s–t occurs. Although some people may find it offensive, this book has truly brought me closure on everything and given me hope for a brighter future.

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