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Behind The Glamour
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She mentioned, "I used to receive advice about fixing my teeth due to having a gap and I even heard suggestions about removing some ribs to give me a waistline."

Chloë Grace Moretz revealed that she experienced body shaming from an actor on set when she was 15. He was her co-star at the time in his 20s playing her love interest. He made a comment stating that he would never date her in life because she was considered too big. This remark brought her to tears. Moretz joins a growing list of Hollywood stars who are now more willing to speak out about their encounters with sexism in the industry following in the footsteps of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson. Similar to Carrie Fisher, who disclosed being asked to lose weight before appearing in the Star Wars series, Moretz highlights an alarming issue; the immense pressure on women, on screen, to maintain a body size that may be unrealistic or unhealthy.

Regrettably this is not a situation. Silent film expert Pamela Hutchinson cites Greta Garbo as an example.

"Louis B Mayer recruited her to join MGM in 1925 knowing that she had already achieved success in Europe. However he made it clear that 'In America we prefer women'."

The film, as described by Moretz is a production, with a French touch. Directed by Olivier Assayas (known for films like "Demonlover" and "Summer Hours") it features Juliette Binoche portraying an actress grappling with the challenges of aging. Surprisingly Kristen Stewart takes on the role of her down to earth assistant.

Unseen Struggles 

However it is Moretz who truly shines in her portrayal of Jo Ann Ellis, a starlet and constant target of attention. In the film Jo Ann shares the stage with Binoches character in a play. While Jo Ann may come across as ruthless and talented, known for making waves on talk shows and starring in angsty blockbuster franchises playing characters she isn't simply a one villain. In fact Jo Ann possesses intelligence and wisdom beyond her years—traits she shares with the actress bringing her to life.

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Navigating The Pressure Of Hollywood

Navigating The Pressure Of Hollywood
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She mentioned that if she were inclined to act she would have already done so. She also observed that many young actors from the past had started indulging in parties at her age.

"For me personally I've never felt the desire to pursue that path. If I could simply focus on my work and not have to worry about promotions, parties or being in the spotlight all the time... That would be ideal. Sadly reality doesn't work that way."

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Moretz has already experienced firsthand the nature of fame dealing with paparazzi and fans who believe they have ownership over her life. "Sometimes they demand a photo from me as if it's their right because they bought a ticket to my movie. They feel entitled. Think they can dictate how I should interact with them. It's quite prevalent these days in Hollywood; people assume they know everything about you just because you have an Instagram account. They even go as far as thinking they can invade your space because you shared glimpses of your life through videos!"

Moretz thinks nowadays Hollywood aims to dispel all the illusions surrounding celebrity status.

"You have to be the individual, someone who creates their own toothpaste. That's what it's all, about " she remarked. "Gone are the days of using tricks to enhance your appearance. We now desire a precise image that reveals all your imperfections! We long to witness your humanity with all its cheating and deceit. It's rather disheartening because being actors we're now reduced to entities, which isn't what we signed up for."

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According to Moretz it is still possible to maintain privacy in aspects of one's personal life, including family matters and dating. "It's not that difficult if you keep things key and avoid embarrassing yourself " she stated. "Keep it within the confines of your home—you don't need to go out and engage in displays of affection, like a person! I can't stand that kind of behavior. Course holding hands is fine if you want to. Be mindful of your actions. When you truly love someone you might prefer to keep it private because involving millions of Twitter followers can overshadow the essence of your relationship."