Hailey Bieber Adorns Her 'B' Necklace Whilst Partaking In A Romantic Promenade Alongside Her Spouse, Justin
(Hailey Bieber Adorns Her 'B' Necklace Whilst Partaking In A Romantic Promenade Alongside Her Spouse, Justin/ Image Credits:People Magazine)

Hailey Bieber was observed proudly showcasing her exquisite jewellery as she leisurely walked alongside her spouse, Justin Bieber, through the streets of West Hollywood. The 26-year-old supermodel donned an Alex Moss initial necklace, specifically featuring the letter 'B,' which is likely a symbolic nod to their shared surname. 

Hailey complemented her necklace with a white t-shirt layered beneath a white button-down, as well as a black tennis skirt. Additionally, she accessorized with gold teardrop earrings, black ballet slippers, a black shoulder baguette purse, and small lens black sunglasses. 

Satisfying sensation to acknowledge

Meanwhile, Justin, aged 29, sported a brown and white polka dot short sleeve button-down, paired with loose blue jeans, a dark green baseball hat, and white Nike sneakers adorned with dark green accents. Designer Alex Moss expresses, It is a gratifying feeling to acknowledge that we have crafted one of her cherished and frequently worn jewellery pieces.

Moss further elaborates, Our objective is to consistently produce jewellery that is timeless in design. The inspiration for the bubble design was derived directly from Hailey. In late September, the official social media account for the jewellery designer posted a detailed video showcasing a close-up view of the necklace.

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The necklace has been previously exhibited

The caption stated, The Iconic Bubble Set was created for @haileybieber. Hailey Bieber's recent appearance wearing the embellished 'B' necklace follows her previous showcasing of the necklace in late August and early September. 

Fans were first introduced to the piece when the model wore the Alex Moss design to the launch of Rhode's Strawberry Glaze flavour of its Peptide Lip Treatment on August 28th. During the launch event for the skincare line's latest lip product, Justin Bieber accompanied his wife to Krispy Kreme's Times Square store in New York City. 

They proceeded to wear coordinated outfits

They proceeded to wear coordinated outfits
(They proceeded to wear coordinated outfits/ Image Credits:ELLE)

Hailey donned an all-red ensemble, consisting of a strapless minidress, open-toe heels, and an elegant handbag. In contrast, the Sorry singer opted for a more casual look, sporting a grey sweatsuit, a light pink trucker cap, and yellow Crocs. 

After their appearance in New York City, the couple inadvertently became the embodiment of what Vogue has dubbed the Overdressed Girlfriend, Underdressed Boyfriend trend, and subsequently donned matching ensembles in the days that followed. 

The attire she currently adorns

After the aforementioned viral moment, Hailey exhibited her 'B' necklace while coordinating with her spouse at the US Open on September 4th. The Biebers arrived at the tennis tournament wearing complementary, oversized leather jackets. 

Hailey diverged from her previous outfit by pairing her jacket with a white mini-dress, chunky gold hoops, and the aforementioned necklace. Justin, on the other hand, accessorized his leather jacket with a black and white polka-dot cap, a pair of funky pink LOEWE sunglasses, a white undershirt, light-wash blue jeans, and white New Balance sneakers.

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Enhanced her ensemble

Even though the model has been frequently observed donning the necklace in the presence of her spouse, Hailey proudly exhibited the necklace during an evening spent with her intimate companions Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid at Giorgio Baldi, an Italian restaurant situated in Santa Monica. 

During the outing on the 27th of August, Hailey commemorated the conclusion of summer by adorning herself in a white minidress adorned with a vibrant pattern of yellow and orange dots. She complemented her attire with an orange clutch, white strappy heels, gold teardrop earrings, and, naturally, the embellished necklace.