Physical & Legal Custodies

Physical & Legal custodies
(Physical & Legal custodies/Image Credits: In Touch Weekly)

Tv show reality stars Kate got married to husband Jon in 1999 but got divorced very shortly after 10 years. They both had sextuplets and later twins, altogether 8 children. Collin, who belongs to the first set of sextuplets, developed some behavioral conditions known as ADHD.

After their divorce they both attained joint physical custody of their all children whereas Kate got sole legal custody of making decisions and taking responsibilities for all her kids whereas for physical custody the child can go to any of his parents to live with anytime.

Two Sides Of Stories

In 2016, it was revealed by Kate that Collin is facing difficulties in his behavior and she has sent him to Fairmount Behavioral Health Institute for his betterment. Kate’s ex lawyer shared that Kate is not telling the complete story and she is hiding some facts.
After visiting Collin in the facility Jon took Collin out of the facility in 2018, filed for his legal and physical custody and now both Collin and Hannah live with their father. Jon revealed that Collin has no other symptom or severe mental or health condition other than ADHD.

Jon Got Collin’s Custody

Kate did not show up in court when the case was filed by Jon so Jon won the case of Colin and Hannah’s custody. Kate also requested to postpone the court date but her request was rejected.
In February 2020, Jon shared in one of his podcasts, ‘First class fatherhood’ that Kate did not try to talk to Collin and Collin had no communication with any of his siblings. He shared that only Hannah is by Collin’s side in his tough time. Jon emotionally shared how he felt when he heard that Colin had been living in the facility for three years. He felt overwhelmed about his little son and Kate’s inhuman behavior.

Collin’s Affection For His Father

Collin’s affection for his father
(Collin’s affection for his father/Image Credits: In Touch Weekly)

Collin also wrote a letter to his father expressing his love for him and how he wants to live with him but Kate does not want that. Collin also wanted to make his decisions himself. Collin accused Kate of being abusive with him and requested his father to take the matter to court and help him run away from that toxic environment.
Collin was quite depressed and sad after all these abusive episodes. On Mother’s Day he shared a heartfelt message about how mothers’ love for their kids is so pure and unconditional but sadly he could not receive any such affection from his mother. He wrote how he has pictured mothers to be kids’ safest place, a cheerleader, a provider and a confidant. He missed experiencing all this with his mother but still he is thankful to her for everything that she has done for him.