Robyn and Kody Brown have led remarkable lives together since their spiritual union in 2010. The stars of Sister Wives have encountered some tumultuous events in recent episodes, including a dispute between Kody and Janelle Brown, his second wife among four, which led him to confess his disdain for his life. 

To undergo a profound proclivity

The Relationship Timeline of Robyn and Kody Brown
(To undergo a profound proclivity/Image Credits: TV Shows Ace)

Kody's pessimistic outlook has caused Robyn to fret over the possibility of his departure in the future, thereby intensifying their already challenging existence. I am currently experiencing a strong inclination to escape from my current life situation. I have a deep desire to change my identity, vanish, and assume a different persona. I must confess that I despise my present existence, Kody acknowledged in a recent episode. I am aware of his contemplations, which Robyn expressed upon learning about her husband's sentiments.

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The reflection of his character.

The Relationship Timeline of Robyn and Kody Brown
(The reflection of his character/Image Credits: The Today Show)

It is impossible to coerce anyone into remaining or staying against their will. I am cognizant of the fact that he would ultimately regret leaving everything behind. I understand that his desire stems from emotional distress rather than being a reflection of his character. It is a manifestation of his pain.

As Robyn and Kody endeavor to navigate their lives and marriage, it is worth reflecting on their love's origins and current status. Before their union, Kody had been married thrice. Following four years of courtship, the couple entered into a spiritual marriage. 

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The individual upheld a spiritual bond.

The Relationship Timeline of Robyn and Kody Brown
(The individual upheld a spiritual bond/Image Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

It is noteworthy that at the time, Kody was legally wedded to Meri Brown and had entered into spiritual marriages with Janelle and Christine Brown. The couple welcomed their son, Solomon Kody Brown, one year after their nuptials. 

Subsequently, Kody divorced Meri, with whom he maintained a spiritual connection, and legally married Robyn. One of the advantages of this legal union was the opportunity for Kody to adopt Robyn's three older children, which he did.

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Engaging in synchronized expressions.

The Relationship Timeline of Robyn and Kody Brown
(Engaging in synchronized expressions/Image Credits:In Touch Weekly)

Robyn demonstrated her acceptance of Kody's other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, by sharing a photograph of them smiling together on Instagram during a night out. In the caption, she wrote, Engaging in leisurely activities! We may prolong our absence from home indefinitely! #spontaneousmoviedate.

Following their previous residences in Salt Lake City, UT, and Las Vegas, NV, Robyn and Kody relocated to Flagstaff, AZ, with their extensive family. The entire family, including Kody's other wives, is known for their frequent relocations based on their individual comfort levels.

The accountability for the division.

The Relationship Timeline of Robyn and Kody Brown
(The accountability for the division/Image Credits:People)

According to an insider quoted by Us Weekly, Robyn privately acknowledges her responsibility for the separation, thus harboring feelings of guilt. It has been widely known that Christine did not fully support Kody's union with Robyn.

During a 2010 episode of Sister Wives, Christine expressed her reservations, stating, I do not wish to disrupt the harmony, and I am not fond of disruptions myself. I am somewhat hesitant to accept another wife. However, if it were to occur, she would need to be truly exceptional. Otherwise, it could pose some challenges.