If you want to cry in a good way while watching the television shows so keep in mind that these American shows that give you few spoilers while explain why this shows are awful. Our list includes Reasons way, The Fosters, The Handmaid's tale, one Tree Hill and more!
So here, we list the top shows to watch if you want to watch a TV show that will make you cry but in a good way.

The Handmaid's Tale (2017-)

The Handmaid's Tale (2017-)
(The Handmaid's Tale (2017-) Image Credits: TV Insider)

This show's premise pretty much says it all. It takes place in a rendition of America that has been taken over by an extremist system that treats ladies as property and forces them to become sexual workers. Ladies have no rights and aren't even permitted to have their own name. It follows Offred, who attempts to challenge the framework and find the girl that was taken from her. The realistic scenes and dark storylines will either have you prepared to weep or fight the patriarchy. mostly both.

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13 Reasons Why (2017-)

13 Reasons why (2017-)
(13 Reasons why (2017-) Image Credits: Proddigital POP)

Basically, the purpose of each episode of this harrowing drama is made like to destroy you. Realizing that Hannah bites the dust doesn't at all. The premise of this show is that all the people in her life played a significant in some good way or in some minor role to her death. It's all about how we treat each other. Watching Mud and different characters manage their sadness, and reevaluate the way they act toward others, will have you tear channels on overdrive.

One Tree Hill (2003-12)

One Tree Hill(2003-12)
(One Tree Hill(2003-12) Image Credits: Filmaffinity)

Indeed, even though all the overdramatic character bends and once in a while completely unrealistic story lines, the emotions is so real is so genuine you can't resist the urge but fell it. This show will make them ball in minutes like the school shooting episode or at Q's burial service, yet it will also have a happy crying in minutes like when Nathan at last comes to the NBA, or hen Peyton and Lucas at last get married. Beauty in Tree Hill is filled.

Parenthood (2010-15)

Parenthood (2010-15)
(Parenthood (2010-15) Image Credits: Plex)

A piece of what makes this drama so profound is the way relatable it is. This show is on the top of the list, which have great story that make it hard to believe, this show is very grounded. The Brakeman’s are a typical family with average problems. Sarah struggles as single parent, Adam and Kristine manage with Max's Asperger’s, Golden, Drew, and Had die endure growing up. They feel such a lot like a real family you just can't resist help but feel to them.

Six Feet Under (2001-05)

Six Feet Under (2001-05)
(Six Feet Under (2001-05) Image Credits: IMDb)

It's a show about a family-run memorial service home, so we’re certain that it deals with a ton of death. But in any case, more than dramatizing death, this show philosophizes about death such that most different shows don't. The fisher family's ownership and management of a funeral home has desensitized them, but quite the true.