Joel Mchale Is Back On E! And Better Than Ever

The actor and comedian made his triumphant E! hosting return on the new series Celebrity Beef earlier this month. But the funnyman was an E! mainstay for over a decade before he helped celebs squash their beef on the cooking competition show. McHale hosted the long-running pop culture talk show The Soup from 2004 to 2015. Whether he was cracking jokes about TV's wildest moments, hanging with a colorful cast of characters or poking fun at other E! shows and the network itself ("Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers calling"), his comedic wit and charming personality established him as one of the funniest hosts on television.

Joel Mchale Is Back On E! And Better Than Ever
(Joel Mchale Is Back On E! And Better Than Ever/Image Credits:The Hollywood Reporter)

The star has had quite a career outside the world of E! as well, having starred in hit shows and movies like Community, Stargirl, The Great Indoors, Ted, Happily and Queenpins. He briefly returned to E! in 2020 as a contestant on Kevin Hart's at-home game show Celebrity Game Face alongside his wife Sarah Williams.In honor of Joel McHale's return to E!, check out the video above to relive his most LOL-worthy moments on the network, plus the top three reasons why we'll always him.

The daredevil in McHale immediately said yes to the challenge, but he joked that he was convinced it was a prank when the offer was made. “So when the offer came through with the like, ‘Are you interested?’ I was like, ‘Yes, a hundred billion times I’m interested,'” he said. “This seems like you’re luring me to a trick. Then we’re not going to do this. This is just some sort of it’s some sort of prank. But it’s not.”

Joel Mchale's Side-Splitting Prank
(Joel Mchale's Side-Splitting Prank/Image Credits:Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

McHale was gearing up for the big climb in a matter of moments. “So we’re going to go up there literally after this interview,” he said. “And I cannot believe I’m going to eat Certified Angus Beef on the side of a cliff. It’s going to be so cool.”

McHale, who maintains a pretty intense fitness schedule, joked about how he got in shape for the epic climb followed by the incredible meal. “I did train. I’ve been eating two steaks a night,” the Stargirl actor quipped. “And I basically told Certified Angus Beef I think I’m going to need the equivalent of four large cows.“I’m going to get through two of those and then have two in reserve just in case. And so that has worked great,” he deadpanned.

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