Turning Point In His Battle

Turning Point In His Battle
(Turning Point In His Battle/Image Credits:People)

In his memoir titled If You Would Have Told Me set to release on October 24th the beloved actor shares the aspects of his addiction and how embracing sobriety has profoundly influenced his life.

I came to realize that I needed to change my ways and cut back on my drinking,  confesses Stamos, 60 years old in an interview with PEOPLE magazine for this week's issue. I hit rock bottom. Then surrounding myself with influences I found myself associating with the wrong crowd.

For John Stamos it was a turning point when he made headlines for receiving a DUI in 2015; an incident that forced him to confront the reality of his addiction.

After experiencing that DUI incident I reached a breaking point where I knew things had to change, he reflects. I realized I was sending signals to the world because I am not a bad person, yet my actions were not aligning with who I truly am.

Eventually, Stamos decided to seek help through rehabilitation. He acknowledges that this period was challenging and marked by darkness but remained committed throughout.

But he mentions that things began to improve and later on he formed friendships.

I had plenty of things to look forward to and it saddens me because not everyone has that opportunity after they ruin their lives  he expresses. Fortunately I had my sisters by my side. I also found solace in the show Fuller House. When I returned home a week later we commenced filming Fuller House.

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Credits: All Because Of Support Of His Wife 

Credits: All Because Of Support Of His Wife 
(All Because Of Support Of His Wife/Image Credits:Daily Mail, Us Weekly)

Now that I've been living a lifestyle for some time I give credit to my wife, Caitlin McHugh Stamos, and our 5 year old s5-year-old They have played a role in keeping me on the track of sobriety and maintaining a positive outlook.

Staying on this path can be challenging because there's always the temptation to go back to drinking. However, thanks to their support and encouragement I've managed to stay focused. It's not about me trying; everyone faces this struggle. You might start off well. You think "Maybe I can have a drink again." That's where their guidance really comes in.

When asked if I've faced any setbacks during these years I can say that things have been relatively smooth for me. It hasn't been as difficult as it is for others. The reason being is that the memories of my mistakes are still fresh in my mind. All it takes is one look at that picture of me in handcuffs, on the street or sitting on the curb to remind myself of how terrible it felt. It literally makes me feel nauseous just thinking about it. Those memories serve as reminders never to go down that road again.

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Stamos Comes Clean About Divorce From Rebecca Romijn

Stamos Comes Clean About Divorce From Rebecca Romijn
(Stamos Comes Clean About Divorce From Rebecca Romijn/Image Credits:Nicki Swif)

To gain an understanding of his marriage John Stamos had to reach a point of rock bottom.

The known actor, from Full House married Rebecca Romijn in 1998 the year her acting career began to soar. However, during this time Stamos started harboring feelings of resentment. Now at the age of 60 he is reflecting on their divorce in 2004 with a sober perspective as he prepares to share his story in his memoir.

My first marriage really devastated me,  he revealed in an interview with People while promoting his published book If You Would Have Told Me. The impact lingered for a long. I'm talking about years and years.

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Stamos had been in the eye since the ABC premiere of "Full House '' in 1987. However, he found himself mainly confined to television roles thereafter. Reportedly he crossed paths with Romijn when she was modeling for Victoria's Secret in 1994. Although they tied the knot four years later Stamos eventually started attributing everything to her.

"At that time I saw her as a kind of figure,  Stamos confessed to People. "I couldn't believe the extent of my animosity towards her; it completely ruined my life.

Their marriage lasted two years until Romijn ventured into the regarded "X" franchise and began collaborating with renowned directors like Brian De Palma. Coincidentally during that period when her "X Men" sequel hit theaters, Stamos made an appearance on "Friends." It was after this that he initiated divorce proceedings in 2004.

The whole process played out publicly and it was incredibly painful,  admitted Stamos during his conversation with People.

I didn't really delve into that topic much. It's tough. The general feeling was that she ended things because her career was flourishing while mine wasn't and that's quite embarrassing. I don't hold it against her.

He further added, It was just the way people saw it and perhaps they weren't entirely mistaken.