If You Had 48 Hours In Chicago

Let Pete Wentz Takes You To The Best Vegan Restaurants In America
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According to Pete Wentz if he had a timeframe of 48 hours in Chicago these are the places he would prioritize visiting. Firstly he highlights the captivating Shedd Aquarium. Although it opened its doors back in 1939 as an aquarium, what truly captures Wentz's admiration is a hidden gem behind the aquarium itself. During his youth Wentz and his friends used to skate around this area where there is a window offering glimpses of dolphins swimming and other marine delights. It holds memories for him. A spot to spend tranquil evenings with friends while engaging in low key activities that are mostly within legal boundaries.

If you happen to be near the Shedd Aquarium during your visit to Chicago, Wentz recommends checking out his spot; Lou Malnati's—a pizza place well worth experiencing.

There's a lot of discussion going on regarding pizzas. Which style is considered the finest. However if you happen to be, in Chicago the debate is much settled because everyone seems to love Chicago style pizza. Lou Malnatis is absolutely fantastic. When I was a kid I had the opportunity to play on their baseball team during my Little League days. I wasn't particularly skilled at baseball. I definitely excelled at pizza.

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Food with Fantastic Place

Let Pete Wentz Takes You To The Best Vegan Restaurants In America
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Lou Malnatis is absolutely fantastic. I used to be part of their Little League baseball team when I was a kid. Although I wasn't particularly skilled, at baseball I excelled at devouring their pizza. Whenever I visited Lou Malnatis on the NorthSide of Chicago it reminded me of my hometown in the suburbs north of the city. Speaking of Chicago there are late night eateries to choose from. One place that became my go to spot was Pick Me Up Cafe. It's a place where you can enjoy breakfast dishes all day long. They even offer vegan and gluten free options making it feel like you're not too far away from Los Angeles (laughs). Enough, Pick Me Up Cafe holds a place in Fall Out Boy history as we featured it on the cover of our very first record titled "Evening Out With Your Girlfriend." If you're curious, about our bands past make sure to drop by and taste their vegan toast! After attending shows this was always my spot to unwind. Grab a bite to eat.

You have the option of heading to the Metro, which is conveniently located nearby. However there are venues in close proximity as well. One noteworthy spot is the Fireside Bowl, which boasts a history. Personally I'm not particularly interested in its past; my main attraction to the place was attending shows. Daringly stage diving off the pay phones. Back when I was 14 years old my friends and I would sneak into the city using the L train. Then catch a bus across Fullerton to reach the Fireside Bowl. Course we never let our parents know that we were venturing into the city without their knowledge.

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