Hbo Max is a service that provides series, fantasy, and horror movies. It streams every kind of movie. It enables you to watch every type of movie easily. This is the platform that delivers content that is easily connected with audiences.

Let’s look at the best fantasy movies that have grossed billions worldwide. Hbo Max is a vast platform that provides every kind of film as well as drama series. Have you ever wondered about the best fantasy movies? If not, then you must look at these and watch them.

Following are the movies that show a great mixture of fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy as well.

Best Fantasy Movies on HBO Max

The Wizard of Oz

In 1939, The Wizard of Oz was released. It is an American fantasy film which was directed by Victor Fleming. It is characterised by its use of fantasy, memorable characters, and musical score. However, it is the best fantasy film that has ever been watched. No doubt, HBO Max is providing the best fantasy films to watch.

Along with this, it is also famous for its selection of musical tracks. The songs were amazing and enjoyable. The movie has grossed over $25,637,669 worldwide. The main character was Dorothy who played it very well. The film was a great success for everyone. You must watch it once on HBO Max.

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Cabin in the Woods

The cabin in the woods is fantastic. This movie was released in 2011 and has become a popular film so far. This is available on HBO Max you can watch it easily. This is a science fiction and comedy horror movie which was directed by Drew Goddard. In 2009, the film was about to be released but later it was delayed until 2011. 

Let’s give an overview of the fantastic movie. There was a group of friends who went to spend their weekend in a cabin of woods. Later, they are attacked by the zombies. However, two of them discovered an ancient temple. The temple collapses and giant hands emerge on the ground. Hence, when the cabin was destroyed it was like the world ended.

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Malignant is an American horror film which was released in 2021. It is based on the story by Wan and Cooper.  The main character was ‘’Annabelle Wallis’’ she played a woman who has visions of people being murdered. However, the film was a critical success for everyone. It grossed $34 million worldwide. Hence, received so many positive reviews from the audiences. 

We have given an overview of the film and made it more interesting for you to watch it on HBO Max. There is also a huge twist in the film that you can see after watching it. Madison is a person who sees dead people. It is a horror movie and interesting on the other hand. You must watch it. 

However, when the movie was released, it was streamed by 753,000 audiences in the first weekend. This movie is not only popular in America but worldwide. No doubt, HBO Max is proving the best quality.

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The Witch 

Are you looking for a fantasy movie? The Witch is the best option to watch. The film was directed by Robert Egger. This was released in 2015 and is a great mixture of fiction and fantasy. Let’s take an overview of the film. The movie is about an English settler ‘’William’’ along with his family expelled from a Puritan colony over a religious dispute.

However, they made a new farm in the forest to live in. One day his son disappears. Soon revealed that the witch had stolen and killed him to use his body for flying ointments. As the time passed, the family went through many tragedies. This was an amazing movie. Although, this is available on HBO max.

Thus, these were the top best fantasy movies on HBO Max which is a great mixture of fiction, horror, fantasy, and comedy. In this article, we have discussed the top 4 best movies on HBO movies. The movies are The Wizard of Oz, A Cabin in the Wood, Malignant, and The Witch. So, what are you waiting for to watch these movies on HBO Max

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