Wentz falling in place

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Wentz is a 1979 born welcomed by an intellectual family already adding value to the society in academics as well as in the financial field. They were embraced with the birth of a baby boy who was destined to sparkle as a shining star on the horizons of the music industry. The support and motivation to achieve the goals was already and always there.

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Dilemma of Life

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Though the young soul has been gifted with tremendous skills by nature and a very supportive platform at home in the form of family, he had to go through the most difficult phase of his life at a very young age. He was a drug addict which very quickly has been noticed as his grades started to decline. Again the role of the parents came into play and his own determination to bring himself out of this chaos helped a lot and he came out as a successful survivor.  

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Paving the success

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This event taking place in his life has actually done wonders to his personality. The struggle, the motivation, the will power, the self-control and the urge to rise on the horizons of fame has tremendously polished his traits. This has been the key factor for bringing him up to the top trends.  

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Big Bang to the career

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2009 was the year which hit the career of Wentz with the bang. “Fall out Boy” was an album which when released brought a huge hike to his career. The noise of his success was heard all around the music industry and the masses. The work was too impressive and so was the appreciation. Wentz was composing, writing, singing, fashion and acting trying his luck and showcasing his skills on all platforms.

Favorite Genres in Music

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Wentz was from the very early years of career even when he just debuted was considered to be one of the best bassist and lyricist of his time. As the years passed his pieces of art presented him as the true lover of music and his struggle for even better proved him as a treat to listen to. He has another heart full of love and gratitude for the “Rock: and “Hip Hop” genres. This affection to these genres is reflected throughout his career and in his musical contribution to the industry.  

All-time favorite Artists

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“The Smiths” was his childhood favorites which was also one of the motivational factors in persuasion of music as a career. He was inspired by “The Smiths” and picked up the piano for the music lessons. This urge of taking up the challenge of invading the music industry supported his decision of holding the guitar to strengthen his bass of music. At a very young age of fourteen he had all the good reasons of becoming a part of the punk band. 

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