Staying Fashionable: Selena Gomez's Mental Health Tips
(Staying Fashionable: Selena Gomez's Mental Health Tips/ImageCredits:uDiscover Music)

Selena Gomez has found some tips that help her in mental wellness In recent years, Selena Gomez has urged her followers to step down and focus on their mental health. First, it is of great importance for well-being. She even shared tips and small steps that each individual can follow to improve their mindset.

Firstly, Selena recommends that individuals should focus their energy on things that make them happy and acknowledge that what is outside of their control can not be changed or altered by them. She said,” For me, things like music, writing, and being with friends and family make me happy. She also told me that I surround myself with people and think that brings possibility and happiness in my life.”

Another important step to improving well-being is to learn about ourselves. According to Selena, acknowledging our feelings and understanding them help us be aware of the triggers that will cause us distress and mental instability. She said, The more intuition I have with this, the better equipped I will be. I am to implement the coping skills and tools.

But the biggest and the greatest advice one could give is simply to reach out for help. Selena clarified eight by saying, It's not always easy to talk about how you are feeling. But having a close friend or family member you can trust and confide in is so important.

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Staying Fashionable: Selena Gomez's Mental Health Tips
(Staying Fashionable: Selena Gomez's Mental Health Tips/ImageCredits:Us Weekly)

She also acknowledged the fact that sometimes we want others to take care of us. She shared, Sometimes I am not good at all. It just happens. I will just wake up and I struggle maybe sometimes just getting out of bed. What helps me, First and foremost, is just picking up the phone and calling someone.

On the importance of prioritising mental health, She added that she tries to stay in tune with her feelings and stimulate her to understand herself. Moreover, She said she always feels better after she breaks a sweat.

Selena Gomez also said "I suggest working out. I hate working out! It is not fun" In addition, she said, "I have been doing intense boxing classes recently, and it has helped me get a lot of frustrations out, and it feels so good".

Once Selena told Entrepreneur " And I have to give my mom credit for that because she taught me everything "  

"When I decided to be open about my mental health. People begin to reach out and share the story," she continues by saying "Listening and connecting was the biggest gift because you feel less alone"

The publication also notes that DPT " helps people to accept the reality of their behaviour and their lives, as well as helping them to change their lives, including their unaccommodating behaviour"

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Staying Fashionable: Selena Gomez's Mental Health Tips
(Staying Fashionable: Selena Gomez's Mental Health Tips/ImageCredits:Music Mundial)

During the interview with Wondermind, when asked what advice she had given herself about looking after her mental health Selena said she tries not to " look back and wish anything could have been different". However, she still admits how obliged she is to different publications that have shone a light on mental health issues.

She is happy that more people are opening up about their mental health. There are more resources out there, like Wonder Mind that she would have loved when she was younger. She said, " I am happy anyone reading this right now has a place to connect."

Regarding advice, for those who are struggling with their mental health, she said that she doesn't love doing that because she doesn't know all the answers but she still gives some tips to fans about divulging in their loved one when going through a hard time.

" I'd say, thought, find a friend or a family member you feel comfortable talking with and open up about what you are feeling" Moreover she explained " It's very freeing to open up to someone. There is so much strength in being vulnerable."

"I had a responsibility at a very young age - young people were looking up to me," the rare beauty founder said "I didn't know who I was. Having that responsibility would make me walk on eggshells a lot. I thought maybe it would be damaging to tell people who I am. It started to become a threat that freaked me out. Well, if you're not right, then you can't work".

However, Selena added that because of the release of her documentary she wanted to talk about mental health, she said " I wanted there to be a conversation started. I wasn't ashamed, and I wanted it to lead to something healing." 

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